Daisy Bates Papers, 1946-1966

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Audio 814A
Series: Tape Recordings
General discussion of the Little Rock situation, undated
Scope and Content Note: General discussion of the Little Rock situation, government, segregation, Central High School, and the actions of officials; between an unidentified man and two unidentified women, perhaps taped in a restaurant or other public place. Sound is fuzzy in places, and there is background music throughout.
American Veterans Committee awards presentation, 1958 January 26
Scope and Content Note: Also on Reel 1 are speeches and awards from the American Veterans Committee presentation of Americanism Awards to the “Little Rock Nine”, Little Rock. Tape ends just as awards are being presented.
Telecast of Governor Faubus
Scope and Content Note: A political telecast of Governor Faubus, taped from television, discussing the Little Rock situation and other matters. Dates from the period of the Little Rock school board election.
Castro speech, 26 September 1960
Scope and Content Note: Two tapes of the 26 September 1960 speech of Fidel Castro before the United Nations, in Spanish, with simultaneous English translation, taken from television or radio, and with background voices.
Interview with Daisy Bates, 1957 or 1958
Scope and Content Note: Castro's speech ends and the remainder of the tape consists of an interview with Daisy Bates, sometime in 1957 or 1958, regarding the Little Rock crisis and the nine students. The interviewer's questions are difficult to hear, and part of the interview was recorded over part of the speech.