Peter Nemenyi Papers, 1952-1979

Container Title
Series: Research Department Records
Subseries: Collective Bargaining Agreements, 1961-1969
Reel   1
AAA Automotive - Abex Corporation
Reel   1A
Abex Corporation - Add Airfreight Corporation of Puerto Rico
Reel   2
Abex Corporation - Acme Skire Co.
Reel   3
Addressograph Multigraph Corporation - Aerojet General Corporation
Reel   4
Aerojet General Corporation - Aircraft Services International, Inc.
Reel   5
Aircraft Services Janitorial, Inc. - Air Reduction Co., Inc.
Reel   6
Air Reduction Co., Inc. - Alitalia-Line Aeree
Reel   7
Allan Engineering Co. - Allied Thermal Corporation
Reel   8
Allied Vision Center - Aluminum Co. of Canada
Reel   9
Aluminum Co. of Canada, Ltd. - American Consumer Industries, Inc.
Reel   10
American Consumer Industries, Inc. - American Machine & Foundry Co.
Reel   11
American Machine & Foundry Co. - American Sanitary Manufacturing Co.
Reel   12
American Saw & Tool Co. - American Brush Equipment Co.
Reel   13
American Type Founders Co. - Anderson Electric Corporation
Reel   14
Anderson Electric Corporation - Armstrong Manufacturing Co.
Reel   15
Armstrong Products Corporation - Arrow Development Co.
Reel   16
Arvin Industries, Inc. - Atkinson Machine & Grinding Co.
Reel   17
Atlanta Service Corporation - Aurora Carburator & Electric
Reel   18
Aurora Corporation of Illinois - Automotive Maintenance & Garage Association
Reel   19
Automotive Service Association & Independents of Minnesota - Babcock Dairy Company
Reel   20
Babcock Manufacturing Co. - Barney's Auto Repair
Reel   21
Barnhart (A.W.) Co. - Baywood Truck & Equipment Co.
Reel   22
Beach Foundry, Ltd. - Bendix Corporation
Reel   23
Bendix Corporation - Bermite Powder Co.
Reel   24
Bernicker Cadillac - Blake Rivet Co.
Reel   25
Blanchard Press, Inc. - Body, J. & W.
Reel   26
Boeing Co. - Borg Warner Corporation
Reel   27
Borg Warner Corporation - Branch Motor Express Co.
Reel   28
Branch Motor Express Co. - Brogdex Co.
Reel   29
Brogdex Co. - Brunswick Corporation
Reel   30
Brusco, Inc. - Burns Aero Seat Co., Inc.
Reel   31
Burns (Dan) - C.E.I. Corporation
Reel   32
CMP Industries - California Saw Knife & Grinding, Inc.
Reel   33
California Saw Knife & Grinding, Inc. - Canada Dry Corporation
Reel   34
Canadair, Ltd. - Capital Truck Sales
Reel   35
Caral, Inc. - Case (W. R.) & Sons Cutlery Co.
Reel   36
Casper Industries, Inc. - Central Tool Co.
Reel   37
Central Truck Body & Equipmen,t Inc. - Charter Way Body Shop
Reel   38
Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc. - Chicago Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers Association
Reel   39
Chicago Coal Merchants & Independents Association - Chris-Craft Corporation
Reel   40
Chris-Craft Corporation - Clark Equipment Co.
Reel   41
Clark Equipment - Clohecy-Pontiac, Inc.
Reel   42
Cloquet Automobile Dealers Association - Colorado Manufacturing
Reel   43
Colorado Motorways, Inc. - Commission Scolaire De September Iles
Reel   44
Connecticut Cabinet Corporation - Container Corporation of America
Reel   45
Container Corporation of America - Continental Oil Co.
Reel   46
Continental Oil Co. - Cottman Building Supply Co., Inc.
Reel   47
Cotton Concentration - Crompton & Knowles Packaging Corporation
Reel   48
Crompton & Knowles Corporation - Cummins Engine Co., Inc.
Reel   49
Cummins Engine Sales of Hawaii, Inc. - Cyprus Mines Corporation
Reel   50
D & E Auto Service - Decks McBride, Ltd.
Reel   51
Deely, Fred, Ltd. - Dennis Chemical Co.
Reel   52
Dennison Manufacturing Co. - Diamond Automation, Inc.
Reel   53
Diamond Expansion Bolt Co., Inc. - Diversified Parkway Industries, Inc.
Reel   54
Dodger & Kirsten, Inc. - Dowden, Inc.
Reel   55
Dow-Hammond Co. - Duncan Iron Works, Ltd.
Reel   56
Duncan, Jerome, Inc. - Dura Containers, Inc.
Reel   57
Duraluminum Ladder Manufacturing Co. - EGM Cape & Co., Ltd.
Reel   58
E.C.S., Inc. - Eaton, Yale & Towne, Inc.
Reel   59
Eaton, Yale & Towne, Inc. - Electric Switchgear, Ltd.
Reel   60
Electro-Coating, Inc. - Ray Emge Brake Service
Reel   61
Emhart Corporation - Erickson Corporation
Reel   62
Erickson Tool Co. - Extruded Products, Inc.
Reel   63
F & F Surface Grinding - Fairchild Hiller Corporation
Reel   64
Fairchild Hiller Corporation - Fansteel, Inc.
Reel   65
Fansteel, Inc. - Federal Pacific Electric Co.
Reel   66
Federal Pacific Electric Co. - Fischer Buick Machinery Corporation
Reel   67
Fischer Buick, Inc. - Fordees Corporation
Reel   68
Forderer Cornice Works - Fremont Auto Dealers Association
Reel   69
Fremont Auto Dealers Association - Fruehauf Corporation
Reel   70
Fruehauf Corporation - Galbraith & Sons, Ltd.
Reel   71
Galbraith & Sulley, Ltd. - Gasoline Discounters, Inc.
Reel   72
Gas Pump & Burner Manufacturing Co. - General Dynamics Corporation
Reel   73
General Dynamics Corporation (P&M) - General Electric Co. (Flight Propulsion Division)
Reel   74
General Electric Co. (Electronic Component Division) - General Electric Co. (Hotpoint, Inc. Division)
Reel   75
General Electric (X-Ray Department) - General Linen & Supply Co.
Reel   76
General Machine Co., Inc. - General Supply & Leasing Co.
Reel   77
General Telephone Co. - Giddings & Lewis Machine Tool Co.
Reel   78
Giddings & Lewis Machine Tool Co. - Goldfines by the Bridge
Reel   79
Goldfine Truck Rental - Grafen Machine Works
Reel   80
General Dynamics - Great Lakes Tool & Engineering, Inc.
Reel   81
Great Northern Paper Co. - Griffith, Harlan Ford
Reel   82
Griffith, John H., Co. - Hahn Truck Co.
Reel   83
Haida Engineering Co. - Hans Hansen Welding Co., Inc.
Reel   84
Harbor Boat & Yacht Co. - Harve's Trailer Service
Reel   85
Harville Corporation - Hearst Publishing Co., Inc.
Reel   86
Hearst Publishing Co., Inc. - Herbst Brothers
Reel   87
Herco-Schenck, Inc. - Hertz Corporation
Reel   88
Hertz Corporation - Hinchcliff Motor Services, Inc.
Reel   89
Hinckley & Schmitt - Home Pride Baking Co.
Reel   90
Homestead Buick - Howmet Corporation
Reel   91
Herschel Manufacturing Co. - Humphries (Harry) Trucks, Inc.
Reel   92
Humphrey & Sons Co. - I.T.T. Continental, Inc. (Hostess Cake Kitchen)
Reel   93
I.T.T. Continental, Inc. - Independent Construction Co.
Reel   94
Independent Elevator Co., Inc. - Industrial Tool & Diecasting Co.
Reel   95
Industrial Truck Companies - International Harvester (Master Agreement)
Reel   96
International Harvester Co. (Abilene, Texas) - International Harvester Co. (Kansas City, Kansas)
Reel   97
International Harvester Co. (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas) - International Harvester Co. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Reel   98
International Harvester Co. (Portland, Oregon) - International Harvester Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Reel   99
International Heater Co. - Irving Subway Grating Co.
Reel   100
Irvington Machine Works - Jarl Extrusion Inc. &/or Air Seal Co. of New York
Reel   101
Jarrett Machine Co. - Johnson Wire Weaving, Ltd.
Reel   102
Johnston (Bob) Pontiac Buick, Ltd. - Joy Manufacturing Co.
Reel   103
Joy Manufacturing Co. - Kane Transfer Co.
Reel   104
Kankakee Automobile Dealers - Kelly Air Force Base Restaurant
Reel   105
Kelly Machine Co. - Kentile, Inc.
Reel   106
Kent Machine Works, Inc. - Kimberly Clark Corporation
Reel   107
Kim Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Koehle-Dayton, Inc.
Reel   108
Koehring Co. - Kolsteer Tool & Die
Reel   109
Kondu Corporation - Krueger Metal Products Co., Inc.
Reel   110
Krueger Metal Products,Co., Inc. - Laharco Industries
Reel   111
Laker Battery Production - Lawrence Precision Machinery
Reel   112
Lawrence (Sid) Centerless Grinding - Lee & Toby's Auto Service
Reel   113
Lee Electric Co. - Leslie Salt Co.
Reel   114
Letson & Burpee, Ltd. - Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Reel   115
Lish Savory Corporation - Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (Plant Protection)
Reel   116
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (California Co., Division) - Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (Plant #9)
Reel   117
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (Plant #9) - Lockheed Georgia Co.
Reel   118
Lockwood Graders, Inc. - Los Angeles & Vicinity Baking Industry Council
Reel   119
Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corporation - Lundin & May Foundry Co., Inc.
Reel   120
Lund Tool & Die Co., Inc. - Mackey's Garage
Reel   121
Mack Molding Co., Inc. - Mack Trucks, Inc.
Reel   122
Mack Trucks, Inc. - Manitowoc Co., Inc.
Reel   123
Manitowoc Co., Inc. - Marshall Steel Co.
Reel   124
Marshall Steel Co. - Mason & Hanger (Silas Mason Co., Inc.)
Reel   125
Mason & Hanger (Silas Mason Co., Inc.) - Maxwell Industries, Inc.
Reel   126
Maxwell Metal Laundry Co. - McDonell Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Reel   127
McDowell Road Equipment Co. - McGraw-Edison Co.
Reel   128
McGraw-Edison Co. (Unit #2) - Meletron Corporation
Reel   129
Mellon Engineering & Manufacturing Co. - Metal Power Products, Inc.
Reel   130
Metal Powers, Inc. - Midland-Ross Corporation (Columbus, Ohio)
Reel   131
Midland-Ross Corporation (Highland Park, New Jersey) - Miller Chevrolet Co.
Reel   132
Miller, H. C., Co. - Minneapolis & St. Paul Bakeries
Reel   133
Minneapolis Ready Mix Co. - Modern Engineering Co.
Reel   134
Modern Engraving & Machine Co. - Monogram Industries, Inc.
Reel   135
Monogram Industries, Inc. - Morris, Herbert Crane & Hoist Co., Ltd.
Reel   136
Morris Machine Works - Mueller (Charles R.) & Sons, Inc.
Reel   137
Mueller Company - Musgrove Ford Sales, Ltd.
Reel   138
Muskegon Piston Ring Company - National Bagasse Products Corporation
Reel   139
National Biscuit Co. - National Disposal Service, Inc.
Reel   140
National Distillers & Chemical Corporation - National Standard Co.
Reel   141
National Steel Co. - New Eagle Motors, Inc.
Reel   142
Newell-White Motors, Inc. & Wheeling Pipeline, Inc. - New York Post Corporation
Reel   143
New York Sand, Stone & Concrete Companies - Norris Industries, Inc.
Reel   144
Norseman Automatic Ice Machines, Inc. - Northwest Airlines, Inc. (Cafeteria Personnel)
Reel   145
Northwest Airlines, Inc. (Mechanics & Related Personnel) - Nutmeg Auto Service
Reel   146
Nu-Way Brake and Equipment, Inc. - Ole Granning Trailer Service
Reel   147
Olin Corporation - Oliver Corporation
Reel   148
Oliver Corporation - Oregon Portland Cement Co.
Reel   149
Oregon Portland Cement Co. - Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Reel   150
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation - PPG Industries, Inc.
Reel   151
PPG Industries, Inc. - Pacific Western Airlines, Ltd.
Reel   152
Pacifico Ford - Pale Corporation
Reel   153
Palm Dairies, Ltd. - Parker Pen Company
Reel   154
Parker Pen Co. - Peacock Brothers, Ltd.
Reel   155
Peacock Brothers, Ltd. - Penn Center Auto Body Co. & Self Drive It Corporation
Reel   156
Pennco Industrial, Inc. - Perth Amboy Dry Dock Co.
Reel   157
Perth Amboy Dry Dock Co. - Philip Morris, Inc.
Reel   158
Philip Morris, Inc. - Pittsburgh Stamp Co., Inc.
Reel   159
Pittsburgh Tool Co. - Porter (H. K.) Company, Inc.
Reel   160
Porter (H. K.) Company, Inc. - Power Engineering, Inc.
Reel   161
Powerline Oil Co. - Preway, Inc.
Reel   162
Preway, Inc. - Publication Corporation
Reel   163
Publication Corporation - Quaker Oats Co.
Reel   164
Quaker Oats Co. - RPS Products, Inc.
Reel   165
RS Electronics Corporation - Rand Machine Products, Inc.
Reel   166
Raytheon Co. - Refrigeration Engineering Co.
Reel   167
Regalia Manufacturing Co. - Renault Southwest, Inc.
Reel   168
Rendell Tractor & Equipment Co., Ltd. - Reynolds Manufacturing Co.
Reel   169
Reynolds Manufacturing Co. - H. & J. Riley, Inc.
Reel   170
Rim & Wheel Service, Inc. - Robeson Cutlery Co.
Reel   171
Robeson Rochester Co. - Rohrer Chevrolet Co.
Reel   172
Roller Derby Skate Corporation - Ross-Meehan Foundries
Reel   173
Rotary Ram, Inc. - Ru-Craft, Inc.
Reel   174
Ru-Craft, Inc. - SCM Corporation (Marchant Division)
Reel   175
SMC Corporation (Smith Corona Division) - Safeway Stores, Inc.
Reel   176
Safeway Stores, Inc. - St. Louis Automotive Radiator Repair Shop
Reel   177
St. Louis Automotive Speedometer & Clock Repair Shops - St. Regis Paper Co.
Reel   178
St. Regis Paper Co. - Sangamo Co., Ltd.
Reel   179
Sangamo Co., Ltd. - Sargent Industries (Airite Division)
Reel   180
Sargent Industries, Inc. (Oil Well Division) - Schlueter Manufacturing Co.
Reel   181
Schmidt (C.) and Sons - Scott Paper Co.
Reel   182
Scovil Manufacturing Co. - Seattle Independent General Repair Association
Reel   183
Seattle Independent General Repair Association - Service Motor Freight, Inc.
Reel   184
Service Sales of Pittsburgh, Inc. - Sherwin-Williams Company
Reel   185
Sherwood-Drolet Corporation, Ltd. - Simplex Specialty Co., Inc.
Reel   186
Simplicity Manufacturing Company - Slick Corporation
Reel   187
Sly (W. W.) Manufacturing Co. - Smith (L. B.) White Truck Corporation
Reel   188
Smith Lee Company - Sola Basic Products, Ltd.
Reel   189
Joseph J. Solon - Southland Paper Mills, Inc.
Reel   190
South Puerto Rican Sugar Co. - Special Ground Products Corporation & Universal Grinding Corporation
Reel   191
Special Metals, Inc. - Sperry Rand Corporation (Remington Rand Division)
Reel   192
Sperry Rand Corporation (Univac Division) - Spiral Brushes, Inc.
Reel   193
Spokane Diesel, Inc. - Stanley's Auto Sales
Reel   194
Stamets (K. W.) Co. - Standard Register Co.
Reel   195
Standard Register Co. - Ralph Stark, Inc.
Reel   196
Starline, Inc. - Chas. H. Stehling Co.
Reel   197
Steinen (Wm.) Manufacturing Co. - Stiefvater Electric Co.
Reel   198
Stiger Precision Products, Inc. - Strombeck Manufacturing Co.
Reel   199
Stromberg-Carlson Corporation - Suburban Atlantic States Gas Co. of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Reel   200
Suburban Ford, Inc. - Superior Die Set Corporation
Reel   201
Superior Equipment Manufacturing Co. - Swift (L.) Co.
Reel   202
Swift-Ohio Corporation - T.R.W., Inc.
Reel   203
T.R.W., Inc. - Tanner Planning Co.
Reel   204
Tannewitz Works, Inc. - Teledyne Pines
Reel   205
Teledyne Pines - Texas, New Mexico & Oklahoma Coaches, Inc.
Reel   206
Texas, New Mexico & Oklahoma Coaches, Inc. - Thau Screw Products, Inc.
Reel   207
Theatre Service Co. - Thorofare Markets, Inc.
Reel   208
Thorold Welding Works - Todd Shipyards Corporation
Reel   209
Todt (E. G.) Co. - Townsend Co. (Sheffco Manufacturing Corporation Division)
Reel   210
Townsend Co. (Tubular Rivet & Stud Division) - Transco, Inc. (Specialties Division)
Reel   211
Transco, Inc. (Transportation & Industrial Manufacturing Division) - Tredegar Co.
Reel   212
Tree Tool & Die Works - Truck & Brake Specialties Co.
Reel   213
Truck & Concrete Equipment Co. - Tyrone Hydraulics, Inc.
Reel   214
UMC Industries, Inc. - Ultra Planting Corporation
Reel   215
Unarco Industries, Inc. - Union Carbide Corporation (Union Carbide Nuclear Co. Y - 12, Oakridge, Tennessee)
Reel   216
Union Carbide Corporation (Chemicals Division) - Union Transportation Co., Inc.
Reel   217
Unique Balance Co. - United Airlines, Inc.
Reel   218
United Airlines, Inc. Mechanics - United Packers, Inc.
Reel   219
United Parcel Service, Inc. - U.S. Army Engineers
Reel   220
U.S. Automatic Corporation - U.S. Department of the Navy
Reel   221
U.S. Envelope Co. - U.S. Naval Ordnance
Reel   222
U.S. Naval Plant Representative - U.S. Smelting Furnace Co.
Reel   223
U.S. Steel Corporation - Universal Foods Corporation
Reel   224
Universal Form Clamp Co. - Utah Junk Co.
Reel   225
Utica Auto Dealers Association - Valvtec, Inc.
Reel   226
Valley Truck Equipment Co. - Vend Co.
Reel   227
Vendo Co. - Viking Forge & Steel Co.
Reel   228
Viking Forge & Steel Co. - Wade (R. M.) Co.
Reel   229
Wagner & Pigozzi - Walker Forge, Inc.
Reel   230
Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc. - Ward Foods, Inc.
Reel   231
Ward Foods, Inc. - Washington Machinery & Supply Co.
Reel   232
Washington Metal Trades, Inc. - Watson Machine Co.
Reel   233
Watson Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Wayne Plymouth
Reel   234
Wean Industries, Inc. - Werlinich Ford, Inc.
Reel   235
Webco-Bodies, Inc. - Wells Die Casting Co. of California
Reel   236
Don Wells, Inc. - West Coast Wire Works, Ltd.
Reel   237
West Coast Wire Works, Ltd. - Western Grinding Service
Reel   238
Western Hydraulics, Inc. - Western Scale Co., Ltd.
Reel   239
Western States Trucking Maintenance - Westra Co.
Reel   240
Westran Corporation - Wheeling Pipeline
Reel   241
Wheeling Stamping Co. - George White & Sons Co., Ltd.
Reel   242
Whitehair's Machine Shop - White Motor Co.
Reel   243
White Motor Co. - Whittaker Corporation
Reel   244
Whittet-Higgins Co. - Williams (H. E.) Products Co.
Reel   245
Hugh B. Williams Manufacturing Co. - Wilson Manufacturing Co.
Reel   246
Wilson Manufacturing Co. - Windsor Fuel Co., Inc.
Reel   247
Windsor Machine Co., Ltd. - H. Wolf Book Manufacturing
Reel   248
Wolfington Chevrolet, Inc. - Woodward Co.
Reel   249
Woodward Corporation - Yellow Cab Co.
Reel   250
Yellow Cab Co. - Zarkin Machine Co., Inc.
Reel   251
Zeidlers, Inc. - Zittel (L. F.) Co.
Subseries: Collective Bargaining Agreements, 1970-1974
Reel   1-B
AAA Tool & Machine Co. - AMF Tuboscope, Inc.
Reel   2-B
Aircraft Mechanics, Inc. - Acco International, Inc.
Reel   3-B
Accuracy Grinding Co. - Adanlock Jamestown Corporation
Reel   4-B
Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation - Aerojet General Corporation
Reel   5-B
Aerojet Ordnance & Manufacturing Co. - Industrial Distributors, Inc. & Airflex Corporation
Reel   6-B
Air France - Ajax Flexible Coupling Co.
Reel   7-B
Ajax Flexible Coupling Co., Inc. - Alleghany Corporation
Reel   8-B
Allen Auto Rental & Truck Leasing, Inc. - Allis Chambers Manufacturing Co.
Reel   9-B
Allis Chalmers Corporation - Amana Refrigeration, Inc.
Reel   10-B
Amana Refrigeration, Inc. - American Bakeries Co.
Reel   11-B
American Bakeries Co. - American Handling Equipment Co.
Reel   12-B
American Hoist & Derrick Co. - American Seating Co.
Reel   13-B
American Ship Building Co. - Ameron, Inc.
Reel   14-B
Ameron, Inc. - Anderson, Carl A., Inc.
Reel   15-B
Anderson Co. - Arkansas Foundry Co.
Reel   16-B
Arkansas-Oklahoma Gas Corporation - Arrow Gear Co.
Reel   17-B
Arrow-Hart, Inc. - Associated Automobile Dealers of St. Paul, Inc.
Reel   18-B
Associated Charter Bus Co. - Atlantic Engine Rebuilders, Ltd.
Reel   19-B
Atlantic Jewelry Co. - Auto & Aero Supply Co., Inc.
Reel   20-B
Auto-Air Industries, Inc. - Avoset Co.
Reel   21-B
Axelson, Inc. - Bachman Machine Co.
Reel   22-B
Bachradt Chevrolet Co. - Bard Manufacturing Co.
Reel   23-B
Bard Optical Co. - Bayuk Cigars, Inc.
Reel   24-B
Bayvista Dodge, Inc. - Bender Welding & Machine Co.
Reel   25-B
Bendix Corporation - Ben's Truck Parts, Inc.
Reel   26-B
Berentano (J.) Metal Finishing Co. - Bethlehem Steel Co.
Reel   27-B
Beverage Industry Association - Blair (John) & Co.
Reel   28-B
Blankenship Motors - Boeing of Canada, Ltd.
Reel   29-B
Bohling Aircraft Co. - Borg Warner Corporation
Reel   30-B
Borg Warner Corporation - Bourne & Weir, Ltd.
Reel   31-B
Bowaters Newfoundland, Ltd. - Brian Industrial Truck Co., Inc.
Reel   32-B
Briggs Ice Cream Co. - Brochu (Napolean) Contractor
Reel   33-B
Brock White Co. - Brunswick Corporation
Reel   34-B
Brunswick Corporation - Burch Corporation
Reel   35-B
Burch Manufacturing Co. - Byron-Jackson, Inc.
Reel   36-B
Byron-Jackson, Inc. - Caine Steel Co.
Reel   37-B
Caird Engineer Works - Calmar, Inc.
Reel   38-B
Calstern Machine Co. - Canadian Pacific Airlines, Ltd.
Reel   39-B
Canadian Pacific Airlines, Ltd. - Cardinal Leasing, Inc.
Reel   40-B
Cardivan Co. - Carlton-Craft Corporation
Reel   41-B
Carver General Repair - Central Illinois Steel Co.
Reel   42-B
Central Industries Inc. - Challenge Manufacturing Co.
Reel   43-B
Challenger Steel Products Corporation - Chemetron Corporation
Reel   44-B
Chemetron Corporation - Chicago Machine Rebuilders
Reel   45-B
Chicago Manufacturers Group Association - Chris-Craft Industries, Inc.
Reel   46-B
Christenson Chevrolet - City of Great Falls, Montana
Reel   47-B
City of Idaho Falls - Clark Equipment Co.
Reel   48-B
Clark Equipment Co. - Clemens Motor Sales, Inc.
Reel   49-B
Clemmer Moving & Storage, Inc. - Coca Cola Bottlers, Inc.
Reel   50-B
Coca Cola Bottlers, Inc. - Colt Industries, Inc.
Reel   51-B
Colt Industries, Inc. - Commercial G.M.G. Sales
Reel   52-B
Commercial Honing, Inc. - Compo Corporation
Reel   53-B
Compressor Engineering Co. - Consolidated Molded Products Corporation
Reel   54-B
Consolidated Packaging Corporation - Continental Can Co., Inc.
Reel   55-B
Continental Can Co. - Cook Electric Co.
Reel   56-B
Cook Paint & Varnish Co. - Corner Brook Auto Dealers' Association
Reel   57-B
Corner Brook Garage, Ltd. - Cretors (C.) & Co.
Reel   58-B
Crim, Inc. - Cullman Wheel Co.
Reel   59-B
Cunberland Steel Co. - Curtice-Burns, Inc.
Reel   60-B
Curtin (Dan) Oldsmobile, Inc. - Dalton Leasing
Reel   61-B
Damascus Steel Products Corporation - Dayton-Walter Corporation
Reel   62-B
Dazey Products Co. - Delaria Transport, Inc.
Reel   63-B
Delart Motors, Inc. - Dennis Chemical Co.
Reel   64-B
Dennison Manufacturing Co. - Diamond Reo Trucks
Reel   65-B
Diane Manufacturing Co. - Dodson-Williams Automotive, Inc.
Reel   66-B
Doelger & Kirstein - Doty & Son Truck Repair
Reel   67-B
Double A. Products Co. - Dressed Industries, Inc.
Reel   68-B
Dresser Industries - DuPont De Nemours (E. I.) & Co., Inc.
Reel   69-B
DuPont De Nemours (E. I.) & Co., Inc. - EP-Co Embossing Products Co.
Reel   70-B
E.S.B., Inc. - Eastern Airlines, Inc.
Reel   71-B
Eastern Airlines, Inc. - Eaton Tool & Die
Reel   72-B
Eazor Express - Ekco Canada, Ltd.
Reel   73-B
Eko Canada, Ltd. - E-Lite Tool & Manufacturing
Reel   74-B
Elisabeth Engineering - Emhart Corporation
Reel   75-B
Emhart Corporation - Envirotech Corporation
Reel   76-B
Envirotech Corporation - Essex International, Inc.
Reel   77-B
Essex International, Inc. - FMC Corporation
Reel   78-B
FMC Corporation - Fairchild Industries, Inc.
Reel   79-B
Fairchild Industries, Inc. - Farmers' Feed Co.
Reel   80-B
Farmers' Union Grain Terminal Association - Federal Mogul Corporation
Reel   81-B
Federal Mogul Service - Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc.
Reel   82-B
A. Finkel & Sons Co. - Fleetwood Corporation
Reel   83-B
Fleming (Ray) Inc. - Foseco, Inc.
Reel   84-B
Foss Alaska, Inc. - Frederick & Herrud, Inc.
Reel   85-B
Frederick & Nelson - Frontier Airlines
Reel   86-B
Frontier Airlines, Inc. - Fruehauf Corporation
Reel   87-B
Fruehauf Corporation - G.A. Corporation
Reel   88-B
G.A.F. Ruberoid Co. - G.T.E. Sylvania Products
Reel   89-B
G.T.E. Sylvania, Inc. - Gardner-Denver Co.
Reel   90-B
Gardner Manufacturing Co. - Gateway Industries, Inc.
Reel   91-B
Gateway Motor City - General Dynamics
Reel   92-B
General Dynamics Corporation - General Electric (Bucyrus, Ohio)
Reel   93-B
General Electric Co. (Apparatus Service) - General Electric Co. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Reel   94-B
General Electric Co. (Distribution, Finance & Service) - General Electric Co. (Utica, New York)
Reel   95-B
General Electric Co. (Warrensville Heights, Ohio) - General Methods Corporation
Reel   96-B
General Mill Equipment Co. - General Signal Corporation
Reel   97-B
General Signal Corporation - Gerrets (J. A.), Inc.
Reel   98-B
Getchall Truck Sales - Girard Manufacturing Co.
Reel   99-B
Giuffre Buick, Inc. - B. F. Goodrich Co. (Cleveland, Ohio)
Reel   100-B
B. F. Goodrich (Tire Re-Cap Plant) - Grafton Foundry
Reel   101-B
Grainbelt Breweries - Great Northern Paper Co.
Reel   102-B
Grede Foundries, Inc. - Grote Manufacturing Co.
Reel   103-B
Grothes Machine Works - HBJ Truck Repair, Inc.