Stanley Aronowitz Papers, 1962-1965


Stanley Aronowitz, born in New York City in 1933, was a factory worker in the steel, auto, and electrical industries from 1951 to 1960. Aronowitz became an organizer for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America in 1960 and from 1964 to 1967 was International Representative for the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers. He subsequently worked as a community organizer on the Lower East Side of New York and as a Director of the Joint Planning Committee of Park East, a public experimental high school. He now (1976) teaches at the New School for Social Research and in the experimental college of Staten Island Community College, CUNY.

Aronowitz was an editor of Studies on the Left. His articles and essays have appeared in the Village Voice, Social Policy, Liberation, New Politics and the Guardian. Aronowitz is the author of Honor America; the Nature of Fascism, Historic Struggles Against It, and a Strategy for Today (1970), False Promises: the Shaping of American Working-class Consciousness, (1973) and Food, Shelter and the American Dream (1975).