Robb Burlage Papers, 1956-1973

Scope and Content Note

The collection has been arranged alphabetically in a subject file. Included are Burlage's correspondence, research notes and drafts, reference material used in his writing, and other collected materials. Many of the folder titles were assigned by Burlage, and have been retained in the final arrangement.

Included with the folder entitled Appalachian material are items on coal unionism and papers on “The Labor History Project,” “The Proposed Roulesburg Reservoir, Cheat River, West Virginia...,” and “The Peabody Coal Company.” Bibliographies and research materials concern the South, the TVA, and civil rights. Among Burlage's writings are drafts and notes for many proposed projects - a textbook on the South, an article for Liberation magazine, and other articles, with a folder of general short pieces, a critique, and notes for a speech. Other examples of his writing may be found in the folders of college class notes and term papers. Also included is a folder of general correspondence, and separate files of letters to and from Rennie Davis, Dick and Mickey Flacks, and Todd Gitlin and Nanci Hollander, discussing both personal activities, and SDS strategies and projects. Throughout the collection are scattered handwritten notes, clippings, articles, and other material written or collected by Burlage as reference material. Many of these have been separated by topic, individual, or subject, and clearly illustrate the scope of his interests and activities.

In addition to correspondence Burlage's work with SDS is seen in the folders filed under the Students for a Democratic Society heading. Included are copies of the near-print pamphlets which Burlage wrote for distribution by SDS.