Antoni Rogozinski Papers, 1971-1981

Scope and Content Note

The collection is comprised of papers and documents primarily illustrating Rogozinski's service during World War II and his work with Polish immigrants and veterans in Milwaukee. Most of the material has been compiled by the donor into “albums” of papers, documents, and photographs, with a descriptive title and text in Polish. Although many of the documents date from the 1940s and 1950s, it appears that most of the albums were compiled in 1980.

Included is an “Album Zdjec z Zyciz Nowej Polonii w Milwaukee,” Wisconsin, 1948, illustrating and describing the immigration and new life of former Polish soldiers who came to Milwaukee in 1948. Within the album are several photos of veterans' groups and parades, and of activities of the Polish Roman Catholic Union. During the late 1960s, Rogozinski started the journal Pancerniak for Polish veterans; in 1980 Pancerniak had a circulation of about 400 in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and France. The collection includes an album (“Prasa Zo/lnierska na Obczyznie 'Pancerniak'”) of correspondence, reviews, and a sample copy of the magazine. Rogozinski's personal documents, photo, and papers (“Dokumenty Osobiste i Rozne Inne Dowody Pracy Antoniego Rogozinskiego”) from his military service and immigration, with newsclippings concerning his awards, comprise a separate file. Similar materials are present regarding former Captain Kornel L. Pietruszewski (“Dokumenty Osobiste Kapitana Kornela Ludwika Pietruszewskiego z Milwaukee, Wisconsin”), who like Rogozinski had served in the Polish Army and immigrated to Milwaukee after the war. Two additional folders of writings, clippings, and photos of the Polish Immigrants' Clubs and service groups in Milwaukee (“Komitet Osiedlenia Polakow z II Wojny Swiatowej w Wisconsin”), and a history of Polish radio programs (“Polskie Programy Radiowe w Milwaukee, Wisconsin”), are also present. There is a small file of newsclippings, mainly regarding activities of the Stowarzyszenie Polskich Komeatantow (SPK) and personal items about Rogozinski.