International Harvester Company Glass Negative Series, circa 1900-1939

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Audio 1402A
Series: Audio Recordings
Speech by unidentified Amalgamated leader at a retail conference
Scope and Content Note: Regarding responding to VP Snyder's earlier statements that the IBP strike had been a failure. Gorman speaks briefly, but is cut off by end of tape.
Conference speech, probably by Vice President Snyder, undated
Scope and Content Note: Speech stating the union did not win the IBP strike settlement at Dakota City.
Unidentified dictation, undated
Scope and Content Note: Concerning the AMC board's response to the Nixon wage-price freeze. Gorman's statements on the issue had attracted national attention, and the board had discussed how to best use this public support.
Interview with union worker Emerson Devin (?), undated
Scope and Content Note: Concerning slaughter and break operations at an Armour plant.
Interview with union worker
Scope and Content Note

Concerning his career which began at Armour in 1942, advancing from hog killing to boning and the details of work involved in his job.

Probably a continuation of Audio 1402A/5.

Statement concerning details of job assignment practices
Scope and Content Note: Apparently discussed as background for changes proposed in negotiations. Also includes an apparently fake telephone response to a plant security job notice advertised in case of a strike.
Unidentified statement by a local union member
Scope and Content Note: Concerning a work stoppage at an Aurora plant. Also an explanation of the local's contracting out procedure which, only recently, had become an issue.
Unidentified statement, undated
Scope and Content Note: Concerning the loss of productivity caused by federal health inspection at a Sioux City plant and resulting discharge of workers. Sanitary procedures regarding abscess are discussed in some detail.
Several dictated memoranda of Louie Anderson, circa 1976 October
Scope and Content Note: Concerning grievances, “Baker investigation” at IBP, minutes of an October 3, 1976 staff meeting, and problems at a Swift plant concerning details of second probation and funeral leave.
Speech by Currier Holman to the Industrial Development Council of Sioux City, circa 1975 October 30
Scope and Content Note: Concerning IBP and his philosophy of business development.
Off-the-air recording of various radio news stories about the violence that resulted when IBP began using scab labor to reopen its slaughtering production at Dakota City, Nebraska, 1977 December 27-1978 January 2
Scope and Content Note: At that time Local #222 had been on strike for over 10 months. Incidents reported include arrests and the use of tear gas to open the way for scabs crossing the picket line. Some recordings contain background noices from the picket line. Some violence is caused by AMC workers from a plant in Spencer that had closed when the workers refused to work for lower wages. Dates of recordings are approximate.
Off-the-air recordings of radio news stories about the IBP strike, 1978 January 10-12
Off-the-air recording of IBP strike news and more, 1978 March 9, 11
Scope and Content Note: Also a March 9, 1978, release from Louie Anderson for Local #222; and a recording of the March 11, 1978, IBP stockholders meeting.
Off-the-air recording of radio news coverage of the IBP situation, 1978 March 28-30
Scope and Content Note: Most concern the intention of farmer of the American Agricultural Movement in Iowa to support the ten-month strike of Local #222 at Dakota City. The stories include comments by Dale Tinsman. Some who oppose the tractor-cade do so for fear of violence. It is now 4 months since scabs began crossing the picket line.
Recording of the FY1975 annual meeting of IBP, 1975 or 1976
Scope and Content Note: The recording consists of the Fred Haiger report read by Dale Tinsman. The report discussed IBP's cost cutting program, earnings, recent restructuring, and a discussion of the current state of the beef industry. This is followed by a speech by Paul Harvey on new Americanism, importance of rural values, etc., March 11, 1976.
Off-the-air recording of news from Dakota City concerning the IBP strike and more, circa 1977
Scope and Content Note: Followed by a recording of the 1977 IBP stockholders meeting. Sound quality is poor.
Meeting, undated, of William Chapman, head of BC Dressed Beef, and the BC attorney with the employees of the Omaha Armour plant which had just been sold to BC
Scope and Content Note: The attorney discusses the history of the plant, the desire of Chapman and his backers to keep jobs in Omaha, their desire to offer competitive wages and benefits, and a stock options plan. BC will bargain collectively, but cannot afford the wages previously offered by Armour to its employees represented by AMCBWNA. Chapman speaks briefly about his business ideas.
Unidentified dictation, circa 1978
Scope and Content Note: Probably from an officer of the Amalgamated's Packinghouse Department critical of Gorman and other AMC leaders for meeting secretly with IBP during the recent strike. The memo describes the situation after the end of the strike. Additional dictation from Skip Niederdeppe as the tape continues.
National Legislative Conference, Washington D.C., 1973 April 10
9th International Convention
E. Hays - CIO and AFL, 1955 November 7
Arbitration, 1961 December 20
3 3/4 - 40 minutes
Meeting, 1967 November 24
[unidentified], 1967 November 27
#1-2, 1967 December 3
Butchers Union Local 115 - Nomination and Election of Trial Committee
Patrick Gorman, 1976
Patrick Gorman Testimonial Dinner, 1966 September 11
Ray Dickow and Paul Hampel, 1969 April 18
Packinghouse Conference, 1973 March 8
B.A. Institute