Daniel Murray Papers, 1881-1955, 1966

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Part 2 (M2013-190, Audio 1708A/106-159): Additions, 2003-2005
Physical Description: 33 Betacam SP videorecordings, 14 VHS videorecordings, and 54 audiocassettes 
Scope and Content Note: Interview and raw footage, on Betacam SP and VHS videotapes, compiled for the documentary Earth Day and Beyond (2005). Also included are interviews on audiotape.
Series: Videorecordings
Earth Day and Beyond, raw interview footage
Physical Description: Beta SP 
Note: Videorecordings contain raw footage, circa 2003; mainly interviews used in the documentary. The description for each video does not necessarily include all topics present on individual tapes. Many interviews are continued over multiple tapes.
Video   1
Nelson interview on boyhood, Clear Lake
Video   2
Nelson interview on Environmental Education
Video   3
Nelson on National Parks; people overpressure; losing quiet, remote places in the future
Video   4
Nelson talking to a group at Borders bookstore, promoting Beyond Earth Day book
Video   5
Nelson at Clear Lake Café shaking hands with a group of older gentlemen, eating breakfast, talking to locals
Video   6
Nelson visiting Clear Lake High School, marching band, music class, talking with students, teachers
Video   7
Nelson visiting Clear Lake school [possibly the elementary school], International Festival
Video   8
Nelson visiting Clear Lake elementary or middle school outside, kids talking about Earth Week activities
Video   9
Nelson at Stinett Landing on the Namekagon River for a ceremony opposing the King Weston transimission line, kids drumming/singing outside in forest; Native Americans and others honoring Nelson, including George Meyer
Video   10
Nelson at the Namekagon ceremony (continued from Video 9), canoeing on the River
Video   11
Nelson at a public hearing, community members opposed to transmission line, Nelson talks about protecting the Namekagon; Martin Hanson interview begins at end of tape
Video   12
Martin Hanson interview outside, discusses environment and relationship with Nelson
Video   13
Interview with unidentified individual, discusses Nelson's political career in the Senate and his success in passing legislation
Video   14
Charles Clark interview, baseball, Clear Lake
Video   15
Nelson interview outside at Apostle Islands Lakeshore, discusses Apostle Islands legislation and National lakeshore status
Video   16
B roll of mountains, Sawtooth range
Video   17
Earth Day event, speakers, including Bill Meadows and Nelson, discuss wilderness protection in Idaho
Video   18
Earth Day event (continued), speaker from Nez Perce tribe
Video   19
Nelson at Sawtooth National Forest, interview with park ranger
Video   20
Park ranger at Sawtooth National Forest, interview (continued) discusses pressures on park over the years
Video   21
Frank Aukofer of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, interview discusses political coverage of Nelson
Video   22
Russ Feingold, interview discusses Nelson's political career and environmentalism, Feingold's sense of responsibility to continue stewardship of the environment, how the events on September 11 distracted the United States from environmental issues; A. Karim Achmed interview regarding organizing events for the first Earth Day at the University of Minnesota
Video   23
A. Karim Achmed, interview (continued) discusses National Council for Science and the Environment; Tia Nelson interview, discusses memories of her father and his legacy
Video   24
Tia Nelson, interview (continued), discusses Gaylord's likability and motivation and discusses her own education and career
Video   25
Tia Nelson, interview (continued), discusses memories of her mother and the controversy with Denis Hayes related to the founding of Earth Day; David Obey, interview, discusses memories of Gaylord and his legacy in politics
Video   26
David Obey, interview (continued), discusses public awareness of environmental issues and talking about the photographs on his office walls
Video   27
Linda Lance from the Wilderness Society, interview, discusses working with Gaylord and his dedication; Nelson interview in his office and footage of him working
Video   28
Nelson, interview at home, discusses retirement and the future; footage of Gaylord hiking on the Appalachian Trail
Video   29
Nelson on the Appalachian Trail (continued), discusses the work of maintaining the trail and providing guides
Video   30
Melvin Laird, interview, discusses his relationship with Gaylord, the importance of the environment to health and national security, critics of Gaylord, Proxmire's popularity, and Gaylord's devotion to his work
Video   31
Melvin Laird, interview (continued), discusses the Nixon Administration's environmental and military achievements, and his own retirement; Will Allen of Growing Power speaking about food systems and food security, small farms
Video   32
Will Allen (continued), speaking about pesticides and human development
Video   33
Will Allen (continued), speaking about diversity, teaching young people about sustainable agriculture, the importance of good food; also contains interviews with kids about the agriculture program
Other source footage used in Earth Day and Beyond
Physical Description: VHS 
Video   34
Senator Gaylord Nelson (Earth Day) GMA (Good Morning America) interview footage
Video   35
Endangered Species and Wildlife Refuges, United States Fish and Wildlife
Video   36
Senator Gaylord Nelson (time coded dub) interview, 2003 March 3
Video   36 (continued)
Book signing, 2003 March 7
Video   37
Fighting Bob Fest 2004, Rights at Risk, Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Tom Harkin
Video   38-39
Gaylord Nelson: Return to Clear Lake
Video   40
Gaylord Nelson, speech at podium
Video   41
Gaylord Nelson's Good Fight
Video   42
Mountain top mining, B-roll with no sound and Apostle Islands region
Video   43
Robert Martin interview
Video   44
“The Benefits of Living Air and Living Water”
Video   45
Wilderness Society Special Tribute
Video   46
Earth Day, Every Day
Video   47
Interview with “Linda” about her work with the Madison AIDS support network
Series: Audio Recordings
Earth Day and Beyond
Note: Some of the interview content is dubbed from the videorecordings.
[Unidentified reels]
Melvin Laird
Educational exercise
Jeff Boucher
1708A/138 (continued)-139
Will Allen
Charles Clark in museum
Beth Fetterley, UEC leader
Franklin teacher interview
Martin Hanson
Julie Kinzelman
1708A/146 (continued)
Larry Jozwik
Bill Christofferson book talk, Gaylord comments
La Follette
1708A/150 (continued)-151
1708A/151 (continued)-152
1708A/152 (continued)-156
Bill Christofferson
Robert Martin, EPA Ombudsman
Senator Gaylord Nelson, 1971 January 27
Senator Gaylord Nelson, 1971 April 20
Note: Possibly a copy of an Earth Day speech, Wisconsin State University-Stevens Point.