James L. Wick Papers, 1898, 1920-1964

Scope and Content Note

The materials in this list are loosely grouped into several categories: JAMES WICK WRITINGS AND BACKGROUND FILES; NEWSPAPER BUSINESS FILES; DODEE WICK CAREER FILES; JAMES AND DODEE WICK PERSONAL FILES; “EDITORS' TOUR” FILES; PHOTOGRAPHS; AUDIO RECORDINGS; and MOVING IMAGES. In some instances, materials related to one grouping will be located in another grouping and will span several boxes. Researchers using this collection will need to consult the list carefully to identify all the relevant information related to a specific topic or time period.

JAMES WICK WRITINGS AND BACKGROUND FILES contain news clippings, research, notes, and drafts for Wick's book How NOT to Run for President and other writings, plus additional files with correspondence interfiled. Included is information on Wick’s interview with Josef Stalin and trip to the Soviet Union and materials related to Wick's career and involvement with Human Events magazine. Additional information on Wick's visit to the Soviet Union is located in the “EDITORS' TOUR” FILES and PHOTOGRAPHS.

NEWSPAPER BUSINESS FILES contain materials related to Wick's involvement with several newspaper companies. Files include correspondence with Milton Wick, Wick's brother who was involved with him in newspapers, correspondence between Wick and others, office, financial and circulation records, and background files.

DODEE WICK CAREER FILES contain materials related to Dodee's (Wick's wife) theatrical career. Files include play scripts, play bills and theater ephemera, memorabilia from the USO tour in which Dodee participated. Photographs documenting Dodee’s career can be located in the PHOTOGRAPHS group.

JAMES AND DODEE WICK PERSONAL FILES contain the couple's financial records, correspondence between the two while Dodee was abroad, family papers, memorabilia, Wick's personal correspondence and some professional correspondence. Some of the financial records also relate to Wick's business ventures.

“EDITORS' TOUR” FILES contain information on the tours to Europe and the Middle East that Wick organized for newspaper and radio editors so that they could interview heads of state. In 1953, a small group travelled to the Soviet Union and they were the first organized group from the U.S. to enter the country since 1946. The files include travel planning materials, correspondence, brochures, bulletins, and pamphlets, newspaper clippings, background on individuals, memorabilia, and itineraries. The trips are also well documented through photograph albums in the PHOTOGRAPHS.

PHOTOGRAPHS include albums and prints primarily of the “Editors' Tours,” but also include images of Dodee during her acting career, images of Dodee and James in old age, family photograph albums, and travel images. The “Editors' Tours” are extensively documented and include images of individuals, local sights, and dignitaries. The trip to the Soviet Union was covered in Life magazine through a photo essay and many of these images are in the collection plus others.

AUDIO RECORDINGS and MOVING IMAGES mainly contain published and widely distributed materials. The two films have also been catalogued individually. Refer to the list for titles of the audio and film.