Draper Manuscripts: King's Mountain Papers, 1756-1887

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Series: 6 DD (Volume 6)
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Draper correspondence, 1880-1881, about King's Mountain participants, accompanied by a few notes and clippings. Numerous letters and notes relate to Joseph Winston (1746-1815), another of the regimental colonels; included are Winston family genealogy and Draper's copy of a letter (1776) in private possession written by Martin Armstrong to Winston on supplies for the Cherokee expedition. Scattered through the volume are letters pertaining to routes to and from King's Mountain used by the Whig soldiers, to arrangements for the 1880 centennial, and to the publication of Draper's book. In one letter (November, 1880), C.L. Hunter commented disapprovingly of the results of the recent presidential election.

Other persons, both Whig and Loyalist, about whom there are biographical or genealogical references include: Samuel Blackburn; Joseph Cloud; Abraham Collins; Joshua Cox; Joseph Dickson; Samuel Espey; Patrick Ferguson and his mistress Virginia Paul (Poll); William Graham; William Green; Andrew Hampton; the Logan brothers-John, Joseph, Thomas, and William; John Long; Joseph McDowell of Quaker Meadows; Jack Martin; Ambrose Mills; John and Patrick Moore; Arthur Patterson and his sons Arthur, Thomas, and William; Elias Powell; Peter Quinn; Martin Roberts; Benjamin Roebuck; Jesse Walton; John Weir; Isaac White; and Joseph Williams.