Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Bayfield County): Naturalization Records, 1859-1945

Container Title
AB 994
Segment   1
Segment footage   1-46
General Motors promotional spot for Euclid earth-movers
Segment   2
Segment footage   47-65
Louis Armstrong in hospital bed
Segment   3
Segment footage   66-77
Eisenhower and Herter talking in Oval Office
Segment   4
Segment footage   78-144
Herter arriving at airport and making statement about progress of Foreign Ministers' Conference
Segment   5
Segment footage   145-160
Governor Earl Kemp Long of Louisiana arriving at courthouse
Segment   6
Segment footage   161-165
DC-3 flying overhead
Segment   7
Segment footage   166-192
Ochsner Foundation Hospital and Governor Earl Kemp Long arriving
Segment   8
Segment footage   193-230
President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II waving to crowd from a ship
Segment   9
Segment footage   231-258
Philco Company furniture
Segment   10
Segment footage   259-303
Eisenhower making statement of support for Strauss following confirmation refusal
Segment   11
Segment footage   304-336
Men running rapids in kayaks, rowboats, and rubber rafts
Segment   12
Segment footage   337-370
State prosecuter talking about extorting of boxer Don Jordan
Segment   13
Segment footage   371-401
Louisiana Justice Office stating that the Lt. Governor is now the acting Governor
Segment   14
Segment footage   402-444
Tallahassee Judge Walker on the severity of his sentences imposed on convicted rapists