Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Bayfield County): Naturalization Records, 1859-1945

Container Title
AB 992
Segment   1
Segment footage   1-60
TV lab in London, first transcontinental television transmission
Segment   2
Segment footage   61-78
"Virginia," Navy regulus missile being loaded onto ship
Segment   3
Segment footage   79-112
Regulus being launched and landing
Segment   4
Segment footage   113-157
USS George Washington nuclear sub being christened and launched
Segment   5
Segment footage   158-184
"Record Atlantic Flight," pre-1920 film of transatlantic flight
Segment   6
Segment footage   185-207
"Flight Memorial" to Alcock and Brown 1909 Atlantic crossing, 1959 June 17
Segment   7
Segment footage   208-267
Meterologist talking about discomfort index, New York City
Segment   8
Segment footage   268-308
Governor LeRoy Collins of Florida talking about Tallahassee trial, 1959 June 16
Segment   9
Segment footage   309-341
Baptist minister from Florida on justice
Segment   10
Segment footage   342-373
Desegregation proceedings at United States District Court in Atlanta
Segment   11
Segment footage   374-406
Khrushchev arriving in Albania