Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Bayfield County): Naturalization Records, 1859-1945

Container Title
AB 991
Segment   1
Segment footage   1-69
"Geneva," scenes from Foreign Ministers' Conference, Herter, Lloyd, Gromyko, press corps
Segment   2
Segment footage   70-120
Herter on Berlin
Segment   3
Segment footage   121-163
"Washinton," Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee after briefing from Secretary Herter
Segment   4
Segment footage   164-195
"Geneva" scenes, Herter, Gromyko
Segment   5
Segment footage   196-217
"Washington," Herter arriving in Washington, D.C.
Segment   6
Segment footage   218-249
Publicity footage of Eisenhower, Herter in oval office
Segment   7
Segment footage   250-333
Eisenhower's press conference
Segment   8
Segment footage   334-397
Eisenhower speech at 4-H conference
Segment   9
Segment footage   398-440
Senators talking about defense cuts and a balanced budget