Aldo Leopold papers

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Series: 9/25/10-10: Memorabilia
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This series contains archery equipment handmade by Aldo Leopold (deposited by Mrs. Leopold, 22 April 1969) and other miscellaneous memorabilia (deposited March 1975).

Mr. Leopold apparently became interested in archery around 1926, when he was given a piece of yew and decided to make a bow. Between then and the mid-1930s, when the Leopolds purchased the Shack property, Mr. Leopold made a number of bows for various members of the family and friends, including Herbert Stoddard. See archery, hunting, and Shack journals (9/25/10-7) and Mr. Leopold's several articles about archery equipment.

The archery equipment in the UW--Madison Archives consists of 3 bows and 2 cases of arrows and miscellaneous equipment, which have been labelled according to Mrs. Leopold's identification. [Note: as of November 1988, AL's archery equipment is on display in the UW--Madison Archives display case in the main office at Memorial Library and in the Department of Wildlife Ecology's display case in the departmental library.]

Included in Case 1 are three bows. Mr. Leopold's hunting bow is plain wood, but his target bow has nocks hand-carved from horn, an ivory arrow plate, and a leather handle. Mrs. Leopold's target bow has, in addition to horn nocks and ivory arrow plate, a backing of rawhide for greater durability, and a cord and leather handle. Mr. Leopold made his own glue as well. Case 2 contains arrows. It is not certain which arrow box was whose, but the box identified as Mr. Leopold's contains 19 handmade arrows (each identified by a number), 2 gauntlets, several markers, and a few miscellaneous items. Case 3 is labeled "Mrs. Leopold's Arrows," and contains 10 arrows and miscellaneous equipment. Both cases were made by Mr. Leopold.

Series 010 also includes one box of miscellaneous memorabilia. Container 001 holds a class banner from Leopold's days at Yale, and Container 002 holds pipes, Estella Leopold's archery medals, and more.

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Memorabilia: Bows (bows are currently housed within the UW-Madison Fish and Wildlife Ecology Department and at the Aldo Leopold Foundation Center in Baraboo, WI
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Yale Class of 1908s -- class banner
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Medal Box
Note: Contains pipes, Estella Leopold's archery medals, etc.