Gay Peoples Union Records, 1971-1984

Related Material in the UWM Libraries

Information about the Gay Peoples Union's existence as a UW-Milwaukee student organization is found in UW-Milwaukee Office of the Dean of Students Records (UWM Archival Collection 48), UW-Milwaukee Office of the Chancellor Records (UWM Archival Records 46), and contemporary issues of the UWM Post. Footage of "Some Call Them Gay", which appeared on WTMJ-TV as a special report, is found in the Milwaukee Journal Stations Collection (Milwaukee Manuscript Collection 203). The Brady East STD Clinic Records include information about that organization's establishment in 1974 as a GPU program (UWM Manuscript Collection 238). The Lloyd A. Barbee Papers include information about his effort to repeal unfair sex laws in 1971 (Milwaukee Manuscript Collection 16). Records of Liberation Publications, which GPU organized as a separate corporation for the purpose of publishing GPU News, are available as a separate collection (UWM Manuscript Collection 261). Special Collections holds a complete set of GPU News.

The Archives Department has the following collections of GPU members: