Milwaukee Brewers' Association Records, 1883-1894

Scope and Content Note

The Milwaukee Brewers' Association, originally called the Milwaukee Brewers Benevolent Association, was organized in 1869. It was comprised of local brewers, including Valentin Blatz, Frederick Miller, Adam Gettelman, Joseph Schlitz and several others, whose concerns for the community and their industry bound them together. Albert C. Blatz, Valentin's son, was secretary of the organization for many years.

In its early years, the association contributed money to many local charities reflecting a wide range of interests. Most of the contributions were made to relief societies or groups that helped the less fortunate including the Mission Kindergarten, Robert Chivas Relief Corps Fair, the Ladies Relief Sewing Society and the Jewish Widows and Orphan Asylum. Other recipients included art and musical organizations, such as the Allomania Singing Society; schools including the Training School for Nurses; churches such as the First German Reformation Church; popular community events like the Polish Celebration or State Fair; and political campaigns or causes including the Iowa campaign of Charles Schmidt and a group simply called Anti-Prohibition.

After the 1890s, the association changed its focus to promote mutual interests in the industry and worked to eliminate abuses by adopting rules and regulations.