UW-Milwaukee Office of the Dean of Students Records, 1915-2012

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

Electronic files must be viewed on computers in the Archives. Contact an archivist for more information.

The student organization files in series 1 are restricted as stipulated in the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S. Code, Section 552 (a). However, the Office of the Dean of Students has extended to the Archives its permission to provide access to redacted copies of restricted records, following guidelines established by the Office of Legal Affairs and the UWM records custodian.

There are no other access restrictions on the remainder of the materials, and the collection is open to all members of the public in accordance with state law.

Use Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in the use of this collection (Wisconsin Statutes 19.21-19.39).

Acquisition Information

An unknown individual transferred most of the collection to the Archives prior to 1989. Merry Demske transferred 2 cubic feet of student organization files (accession 1991-018) to the Archives in November 1991. The provenance of the records is unclear. Many of the early records in the collection were created or compiled by the Dean of Men and the Student Activities Coordinator. It is not known if these records were later brought together by the Dean of Students or if they were separated from other files by University or Archives staff. The records, whatever their provenance, were placed together under the office of the Dean of Students by the Archives staff sometime before 1989. When processing began in 1993, it was decided to leave the existing organization intact rather than to possibly confuse the provenance even more.

In July 1995 additional student organization records were added to the collection. The records appear to have been created largely by the Office of the Dean of Students, though at some time they were organized into record groups by type of student organization (i.e.. cultural, political, religious, etc.).

Brian Jacobson transferred accession 1993-019 to the Archives in March 1994. Pamela in Carmen Witt's office transferred accession 1994-018 to the Archives in December 1994. Rebecca Loss from the SOAR office transferred accession 1995-026 in November 1995. Tammy Jannette transferred accession 1995-048 in May 1996. Rebecca Loss transferred accession 1996-010 in August 1996 and accession 1996-021 in November 1996. Jennifer Swartz transferred accession 1997-027 in November 1997. The Office of Student Life transferred accession 2010-001 to the Archives in July 2010. The Office of Student Life donated additional materials (accession 2010-069) in June 2011.

Processing Information

Mark A. Vargas processed the collection at the Archives in November 1993. The collection originally consisted of five record series. In July 1995 Christel Maass added thirteen other student organization record series to the collection. Accession 1994-018 was also added to the collection in July 1995.

In December 1997 through January 1998 Christel Maass added accessions 1993-019, 1995-026, 1995-048, 1996-010, 1996-021, and 1997-027 to the collection.

Shukrani Grey processed accession 2010-001 in April 2011 (Brad Houston supervised). Brad Houston reprocessed the materials added from accession 2010-001 in October 2011. Charles Welborn processed additional material in August 2012. Brad Houston added some electronic files (Annual Security Reports) in May 2013. Phyllis Reske processed accession 2010-069 in Fall 2016 (Brad Houston supervised). Phyllis Reske added Student Senate materials from accession 2010-069 to the UWM Student Association collection in November 2017. Shiraz Bhathena processed accession 2017-028 in April 2019.