UW-Milwaukee Dept. of Anthropology Records, 1960-2017


When the University of Wisconin-Milwaukee was formed in 1956, the College of Letters and Science created the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The department was split into two distinct departments in 1961 but continued to share a department chair until 1962.

Sociology and Anthropology Department Chairs

1956-1960 Gordon D. Shipman
1960-1962 Irwin D. Rinder

Anthrpology Department Chairs

1962-1964 Robert R. Howard
1964 John H. Dowling (Acting)
1964-1967 James M. Silverberg
1967-1970 Nancy O. Lurie
1970-1972 Alvin Wolfe
1972-1973 Edward Wellin
1973-1976 Neil Tappen
1976-1979 Victor Barnouw
1979-1981 Edward Wellin
1981-1984 Melvin Fowler
1984-1987 Bernard James
1987-1990 Donald Kurtz
1990-1993 Sidney M. Greenfield
1993-1996 Lynne Goldstein
1996-2000 Trudy Turner
2000-2004 Joseph P. Gray
2004-2008 Robert J. Jeske
2008-2010 Joseph P. Gray
2010-2011 Robert J. Jeske
2011-2014 Joseph P. Gray
2014- Thomas M. Malaby