UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection, 1890-2003

Arrangement of the Materials

The records are arranged into the following series:

  1. General University/Programs, 1890-1990, undated
  2. UW-System Presidents/Board of Regents, 1940-1972, undated
  3. UWM Chancellors and Deans, 1946-2003, undated
  4. Faculty/Staff, 1922-1987, undated
  5. Campus Views, 1936-1987, undated
  6. Buildings, 1908-1993, undated
  7. Departments and Schools, 1905-1985, undated
  8. Student Life, 1917-2000, undated
  9. Athletics, 1910-1980, undated
  10. Subject Files, 1908-1983, undated
  11. Negatives, 1890-1990, undated

The images are listed alphabetically within each series

In 2011, the negatives in the collection were rehoused for preservation purposes, and new box and folder numbers were assigned. Boxes 1-18 are unchanged; those formerly numbered 19-25, which housed the negatives, are now in boxes 19-31; and the former boxes 26 and above are now boxes 32 and above (i.e. box 26 is now box 32, box 27 is now box 33, etc.)

Within the negative series, all negatives were assigned an identification number according to their position in their original folder of origin. The negatives are arranged numerically by these identification numbers.