In Tune With Tradition: Wisconsin Folk Musical Instruments Project Collection, circa 1986-1992

Collection Inventory and Description

Container Title
Subseries: Administrative Files, Photographs, and Ephemera
Box   1
Folder   1
IMP [Illinois Music Project] correspondence
Box   1
Folder   2
[Field reports and correspondence]
Box   1
Folder   3
News releases and clipping
Box   1
Folder   4
Introductory pages [to the 1976-1977 NEA final report]
Box   1
Folder   5
Concordance [of 1976-1977 reels and audiocassette tapes, prepared by Jeri Hughes]
EIU-SFA-Folk arts project
Box   1
Folder   6
Collection I [1977 detailed inventory]
Box   1
Folder   7
Collection II [1979 detailed inventory]
Box   1
Folder   8
Collection III [1975-1977 detailed inventories]
Box   1
Folder   9
Field investigator's report by Jens Lund [includes only correspondence]
Box   1
Folder   10
Folk arts project financial report [NEA grant]; , [1985 May 23]
Box   1
Folder   11
Folk arts project NEA [administrative notes, correspondence, and sample data sheets], [1976-1978]
Box   1
Folder   12
Ozark State Folklore Society [correspondence and presentation notes]
Box   1
Folder   13
Southern Illinois University/Illinois Arts Council folk catalog
Box   1
Folder   14
Illinois Arts Council/Illinois Humanities Council videotaping folk artists [Illinois Arts Council grant proposal, correspondence], [1984-1985]
Box   1
Folder   15
Agency Acct. 1382, Folk Arts Project [administrative, correspondence, etc.], 1977
Box   1
Folder   16
Folk Arts Project [administrative, correspondence, etc.], 1978
Box   1
Folder   17
Folk Arts Seminar [at EIU], 1979 April 30
Box   1
Folder   18
Folk and the Folk Arts - #1017 NEA Grant, [1983-1984]
Office filing cabinet  
1.5 c.f. administrative files [a mix of files from the dean and more recently created]
Vault filing cabinet  
0.7 c.f. Mike Watts' administrative files from the Celebrate Festivals [includes slides, images, etc.], 1989-1994
Subseries: Logs and Registers
Binder   1
Illinois Folk Musicians Index [includes data sheets, clippings, and photos], [1976-1985]
Binder   2
Folk Arts Project Tape Log--Topical Analysis [Collections I, II, and III]
Binder   3
Folk Arts Acquisition Register, [1976-1983]
Binder   4
Folk Music Collection IV, 1983 June-1985 February
Binder   5
Concordance of Taped Interviews of Decatur Material Artists, 1983
Binder   5
EIU Folk Arts Project III
Binder   6
Tarble Arts Center Folk Arts Archives--Celebration Video and Audio Tapes, (1992-1993)
Folder   1
Folk Arts Projects Materials--Folk Music Tapes Listings
Subseries: Clipped documents
Folder   1
Photocopy of tape indexes, final report for NEA Grant, 1993 December 15
Folder   2
Folk Arts Tape Concordance, Celebration 1992, correspondence, final report, 1992-1993
Folder   3
List of artist contact information to begin artist database, 2003 August 26
Subseries: Audiocassettes
#   1-147
Copies from reels [see tape log binder for access]
#   1-38
Jens Lund fieldwork
#   1-11
Showcase of Folk Arts artist profiles from the 1992 festival
#   1-6
From Western Illinois State University radio/television, 1988 June 30
#   7
Folk music segments to accompany EIU folk arts exhibition: “Folk Artists and Folk Arts in East Central and Southeastern Illinois: A Profile”
#   8
Illinois-Texas Fiddlin' by Ernest Ringo, SC-1461
#   9
Cassette that accompanies the slide tray
Subseries: Compact Disc
#   1
Music from the Heart, Laurel Jean and the Ringos [attached thank you card from Doloris Ringo]
Subseries: 7-inch reels
#   1-189
1977-1979 fieldwork [see tape log binder for access]
#   190-194
Project I--Eastern Illinois Univ. Folk Arts Project, 1976 July 1-1977 May 30
Binder   1
650 35 mm color slides
Project II--Final Report Material Culture Info. Folk Arts Project, Book I NEA Grant [includes report, contact sheets, slides]
Binder   2
140 35 mm color slides
Binder   3
140 35 mm color slides
Project III--Final Report Folk Arts Project, Book I, NEA Grant [includes reports, slide logs, slides, audiocassettes, clippings], 1983 May 15-1985 February 28
Binder   4
440 35 mm color slides
Binder   5
220 35 mm color slides
Binder   6
60 35 mm color slides: Primary slides not duplicated, 1983-1985
Folk Arts Project Index [includes data sheets, photos, clippings, slides]
Note: The next 4 binders were compiled recently by Tarble student workers; the slides were pulled from various projects.
Binder   7
A-C, 215 35 mm color slides
Binder   8
D-K, 115 35 mm color slides
Binder   9
L-Stoc, 168 35 mm color slides
Binder   10
Stol-Z, 170 35 mm color slides
Slide tray 1  
80 35 mm color slides. “Folk Artists in East Central and Southeastern Illinois: A Profile”, [1984]
Slide cabinet  
2,000 35 mm color slides
Subseries: VHS tapes
Video   1
Cora Meek: Profile of an Illinois Folk Artist, Tarble Arts Center, EIU, undated
Video   2
Arthur Ryan Walker, Folk Artist, undated
Video   3-4
Folk Artists Celebration , 1990 [performance schedule and correspondence attached]
Video   5
NEA Folk Arts Documentation Project, Celebration: A Festival of the Arts, '92
Video   6-9
Folk Music Showcase documentation, Celebration '93
Subseries: BETA tapes
Video   1 -24
Celebration [festival] , 1992
Video   25
Radio and Television Center-DUB
Subseries: 8 mm Film
Film   1
“Collection of Wood Carvings Assemblage located at Tarble Arts Center by Ferd Metten, Teutopolis, IL.” Prepared by Gene Wingler, 1984 Summer