In Tune With Tradition: Wisconsin Folk Musical Instruments Project Collection, circa 1986-1992

Container Title
Subseries: Audiocassettes
#   1-147
Copies from reels [see tape log binder for access]
#   1-38
Jens Lund fieldwork
#   1-11
Showcase of Folk Arts artist profiles from the 1992 festival
#   1-6
From Western Illinois State University radio/television, 1988 June 30
#   7
Folk music segments to accompany EIU folk arts exhibition: “Folk Artists and Folk Arts in East Central and Southeastern Illinois: A Profile”
#   8
Illinois-Texas Fiddlin' by Ernest Ringo, SC-1461
#   9
Cassette that accompanies the slide tray
Subseries: Compact Disc
#   1
Music from the Heart, Laurel Jean and the Ringos [attached thank you card from Doloris Ringo]
Subseries: 7-inch reels
#   1-189
1977-1979 fieldwork [see tape log binder for access]
#   190-194