Michigan-Wisconsin Border Project Collections

Related Materials

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Through the Great Lakes Folk Festival website: Festival of Michigan Folklife Festival catalogs: http://www.greatlakesfolkfest.net/

Through the Michigan Traditional Arts Program website:

Through “Public Folk Arts and Folklife Projects of the Upper Midwest” at http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/wiarchives.csumc:

  • 1) Ethnic Music in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan Collection (CSUMC0011-CG)
  • 2) Wisconsin Folk Art: A Sesquicentennial Celebration Project Collection (CSUMC0037-CG)
  • 3) Wisconsin Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program Collection (CSUMC0031-CG)
  • 4) Woodland Indian Traditional Artist Project Collection (CSUMC0006-CG)

Through Wisconsin Arts Board website: