Michigan-Wisconsin Border Project Collections


For materials at the Michigan Traditional Arts Program, contact:

Research Collection and Reference Library
Michigan Traditional Arts Program
Michigan State University Museum
West Circle Drive
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1045
Web site: http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/

When requesting information, please complete a MTAP Research Request Form and contact the following specialists according to media type:
Images: Pearl Wong, wongpear@msu.edu, (517) 432-5107
Recordings, Archival Information: Lynne Swanson, swansonl@msu.edu, (517) 355-2370
Artifact Information: Mary Worrall, worrall@msu.edu, (517) 432-4118

For materials at the Wisconsin Arts Board, contact:

Wisconsin Arts Board
201 W. Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 8690
Madison, Wisconsin 53708
Email: artsboard@wisconsin.gov
Phone: 608-266-0190
Web site: http://artsboard.wisconsin.gov/