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Series: I: Manuscript Materials
Subseries: Michigan Traditional Arts Program Research Collection
Marsha MacDowell and Yvonne Lockwood, “First Phase Final Report,” Michigan/Wisconsin Borders Project, 1996 February 8
Subseries: Wisconsin Arts Board
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Barakat, Susan (basket maker; Winchester, Wisconsin)
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Beekman, Jackie (weaving, knitting, felting; Presque Isle, Wisconsin)
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Chosa, Ben (spear fishing decoy carver; Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin)
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Dean, Howard (lure carver; Sagner, Wisconsin)
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Goode, Ferdy (canoes, snowshoes, baskets; Minoqua, Wisconsin)
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Kruschinski, Willi (lures, boats, duck decoys; Winchester, Wisconsin)
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Logan, Brian (Scandinavian scribe log building; Winchester, Wisconsin)
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Malliette, Anna (knitting; Eagle River, Wisconsin)
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Gander, Walt - Fieldworker
Scope and Content Note: Includes lists of folk artists and their contact information from Iron, Vilas, Forest and Florence counties.
Gilmore, Janet - Fieldworker (Marinette and Menominee counties)
Scope and Content Note: Final report highlights visits to area museums, shops, exhibits, locations, and the following people: Lyn Derusha (Art Network; Menominee, Wisconsin), Bill Burns (wood carver; Marinette, Wisconsin), Carol Hall (woodcarver; Amberg, Wisconsin), John Malota (birdhouses; Goodman-Dunbar, Wisconsin), Andrzej Borzecki (Polish-American roadside shrines; Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin), and Joseph Bunij (Polish-English interpreter; Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin). Lists include contact information for 67 fine artists, 38 traditional artists, and 24 organizational contacts in Marinette County, and 56 fine artists, 12 traditional artists, and 2 organizational contacts in Menominee County.
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Final report (Marinette and Menominee counties)
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Miscellaneous supporting materials
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Grumke, Gina - Fieldworker - Final report (Florence County)
Scope and Content Note: Report includes very short descriptions of local town contacts plus the following 17 artists: Kelley and Jim Anderson (wood workers; Homestead, Wisconsin), Dan Blank (chainsaw art; Duluth, Minnesota), Lisa Clark (sewing, fly tying, soap and wine making; Florence, Wisconsin), Richard Coppock (woodcarver; Spread Eagle, Wisconsin), Terry Fox (quilter; Spread Eagle, Wisconsin), Vicki Frey (basket maker; Norway, Michigan), Grace Harris (oil painter; Fence, Wisconsin), Mike and Debbie Hedmark (harness makers; Niagara, Wisconsin), Crystal Hogan (Irish folk musician; Iron Mountain, Michigan), Tony Isso (woodcarver; Florence, Wisconsin), Jeannie Jokinen (doll maker and seamstress; Spread Eagle, Wisconsin), Lydia Krivanek (seamstress, crochet, pastry brushes; Aurora, Wisconsin), Bonnie Liubakka (rosemaling; Florence, Wisconsin), Jim Tatosky (woodcarver; Florence, Wisconsin), and Jennell Weigel (spinning, raising angora rabbits; Florence, Wisconsin).
Olson, Ruth - Fieldworker (Iron and Gogebic counties)
Scope and Content Note: Includes descriptive paragraphs about the following 11 traditional artists: Edith Hakamaa (rag rugs; Ironwood, Michigan), Irene Harma (rag rugs; Hurley, Wisconsin), Curt Isakson (basket making; Ironwood, Michigan), Veikko Jarvi (Finnish Folk Dance; Ironwood, Michigan), Joe Kasper (wood carving; Saxon, Wisconsin), Lillian Kostac (rag rugs; Hurley, Wisconsin), Joanne Kula (quilting; Ironwood, Michigan), Elsie Nevela (accordion; Ironwood, Michigan), Sylvia Niemi (rag rugs and Finnish proverbs; Ironwood, Michigan), Ursula Schramm (spinning, weaving, knitting; Hurley, Wisconsin), and Edward Winters (wood carving; Mercer, Wisconsin).
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Final report (Iron County)
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Photo logs
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Tape indexes
Scope and Content Note: Includes indexes for Ruth Olson's interviews with Jeff Prust (chainsaw sculptor; Hurley, Wisconsin) and Valere Vanderschaagen (miner; Hurley, Wisconsin).
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Michigan-Wisconsin Border Project research