Robert Andresen Collection, 1976-1994

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Subseries: General Files
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Folder   1
Bob Andresen writings
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Folder 2
Gary Andresen, Minnesota Arts Board Grant
Box   1
Folder 3
General Correspondence
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Folder 4
Folk Artist Directory, 1989
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Folder 5
Folklore Paper on Leonard Finseth and AFS Program, 1982
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Folder 6
Graphics Study
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Folder 7
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Folder 8
Performance Programs
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Folder 9
Publicity, 1976-1994
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Folder 10
“Traditional Music of Wisconsin,” Original Manuscript
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Folder 11-13
Country Music Magazines/Articles
The Journal of the Academy for the Preservation of Old-Time Country Music (photocopies)
Hootenanny magazines, 1963, 1964
Folk and Country Songs, 1959 April
Country Music
Country and Western Jamboree
Bluegrass Unlimited
On the Trail
Hit Parade
“Injun-uity Manual” from Nabisco Shredded Wheat (33 of 36 pages of “book 2”)
Canadian Fiddlers by Bill Guest
A Honky Tonk Odyssey, My Eight Years with George Strait by Ron Cabal
Bill Monroe 200 Bluegrass Specials, Jeff Yates, ed.
Random Periodicals
Countryside magazine (Formerly Upper Midwestern Country and Western News Scene (some volumes missing), 1973 September-1977 April
Inside Bluegrass, 1987 April, 1992 March, and 1992 June
Bluegrass Unlimited, 1989 April, 1989 May
The Journal of the American Academy for the Preservation of Old-Time Country Music, 1994 August
Hillbilly and Cowboy Hit Parade (2:17), 1956 Winter
Country Sounds, 1987 February, 1987 March
Country Music Parade, 1990 January
Country Music Gazette (some volumes missing), 1969 August-1972 November
WLS Family Album, 1931-1957
Old-Time Herald, 1990 November-1991 January
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Folder   14
Clippings, Programs, etc. from LPs
Physical Description: 68 items