Woodland Indian Traditional Artist Project Collection, 1992-1995

Collection Inventory and Description

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Series: I: MANUSCRIPT MATERIALS. Wisconsin Historical Society Library-Archives Division. Wisconsin Folk Museum Records, M98-044. Artist Files.
Box   1
Artists A-J
Albrecht, Gary
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Backus, Elizabeth Peterson
Brooks, Laurie
Christensen, Clarice
Christophersen, Violet
Scope and Content Note: Obituary
De Reus, Sallie
Scope and Content Note: Short biography
Edseth, Olga
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Einerson, Jennie
Erickson, Eleanor and S. Edmund
Scope and Content Note: Biography
Evenstad, Shirley
Fossum, Gladys H.
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Fritsch, Rhoda
Garthwait, Marian
Scope and Content Note: Biography
Giese, Jean Simonson
Gorski, Karen Sanderson
Grindland, Enid
Gullickson, Valdemar
Gunderson, John
Hammer, Marlys
Jenson, Karen E.
Scope and Content Note: Interview materials
Box   2
Artists K-W
Kelly, Erline
Kovala, Kathy
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Kvalheim, Ethel
Scope and Content Note: Biography
Lamont, Irene
Louthain, Susan
Scope and Content Note: Autobiography
Lysne, Louise
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Lysne, Per
Scope and Content Note: Interview with relative
Mahlberg, Judith Simundson
Mahlum, Gyda
Miner, Judith Nelson
Morgan, Nancy
Muldbakken, Sunhild
Norse Rosemalers Association
Olsen, Thelma and Elma
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes; obituary for Elma
Peach, Trudy
Peterson, Dorothy
Pittelkow, Addie
Prichard, Bernetta
Riemer, Eileen
Rimestad, Alma
Schmidt, Nancy
Spaanem, Verna
Stilin, Sheila
Thode, Vi
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Thoresen, Trygve E., Jr. and Marion
Scope and Content Note: Interview notes
Virch, Pat
Scope and Content Note: Biography
Winner, Marcelaine
Wolfgram, Ruth
Scope and Content Note: Autobiography
Series: II: MANUSCRIPT MATERIALS. Janet C. Gilmore. Wisconsin Folk Museum Salvage Collection.
Folder   1
Rosemaling Exhibit Text (includes inventory), 1990?/1991-1994
Folder   2
Exhibit Text - Rosemal - originals, 1991
Folder   3
Rosemaling, General Exhibit Text, 1989
Folder   4
Rosemaling General, 1989
Series: III: SOUND RECORDINGS. Mills Music Library Wisconsin Music Archives. Wisconsin Folk Museum Records.
Box   6
Dr. Marion Nelson, 1989 January 26
Physical Description: Cassette #257 
Series: IV: GRAPHIC MATERIALS. Wisconsin Historical Society Museum Division. Wisconsin Folk Museum Records.
Fieldwork images used in Rosemaling in the Upper Midwest
Physical Description: 35 mm color slides (slide sheets 84-100) 
S.92.16.13: Bergum Farm, Mount Horeb (p65) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.23: Gary Albrecht demo (p12) by Lewis Koch
S.92.16.39: Per Lysne, "Sweet Dreams" (p27) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.107: Rosemaling around Mount Horeb (p63) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.109: Ibid. (p69) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.140: Rafters (p27) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.147: Bed headboard, medallion (p26) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.158: Bed set, green (p26) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.179: Table, detail (p20) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.182: Chair, ladderback (p27) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.185: Nest Tables (p27) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.192: Two chairs and table, outdoors (p26) by Phil Martin
S.92.16.202: Sol ule (p81) by Lewis Koch
S.92.16.206: Tell Counter (p71) by Lewis Koch
S.92.16.208: Cupboard, close-up (p71) by Lewis Koch
S.92.16.220: Bank exterior (p71) by Lewis Koch
S92.17.5 - S92.17.53: Copy slides of 4x5 color transparencies, studio photography for Rosemaling in the Upper Midwest
4x5 black and white internegatives
N(I) Per Lysne rosemaling large plate (p22)
N(I) Thelma and Elma Olsen rosemaled furniture
N(I) Rosemaled bedroom furniture (p30)
4x5 color transparencies
S. - S. Studio photography in Rosemaling in the Upper Midwest
S. - S. Ethel Kvalheim's work
S. Ibid.
S. Ibid.
S. S. Rosemaled wall panel from a church
S. Rosemaled bowl by Irene Lamont
S. - S. Work of Vi Thode, Ethel Kvalheim, Verna Spaanem, Violet Christopherson, Gladys Fossum, and Susan Louthain
S. Rosemaled trunk by Dorothy Peterson (p94)
Black-and-white contact sheets 35 mm b&w negs
CS92.1.2: corresponds with N(BW)92.1.7
CS92.1.7: corresponds with N(BW)92.1.3a and b
CS92.1.9: corresponds with N(BW)92.1.6a and b
CS92.1.10: corresponds with N(BW)92.1.5a and b
CS92.1.12: corresponds with N(BW)92.1.11
35 mm black-and-white negatives
N(BW)92.1.3a&b: 35 images, Nordic Fest, etc. by Phil Martin
N(BW)92.1.5a&b: 35 images Stoughton Laundromat by Phil Martin
N(BW)92.1.6a&b: 35 images Stoughton Laundromat by Phil Martin
N(BW)92.1.7: 12 images Rosemaled skis, furniture; no photographer listed
2.25-inch black and white negatives
N(BW)92.1.11: 9 images
2.25-inch color transparencies (13 sleeves). Images used in Rosemaling in the Upper Midwest
S(M) Round rosemaled box with lid (p76)
S(M) Rosemaled plate by Vi Thode, 1975
S(M) Rosemaled Bicentennial platter
S(M) Rosemaled truck signed AP 75
S(M) Rosemaled bentwood box with lid and handle
S(M) Rosemaled trunk 1968 on front panel of lid
S(M) Rosemaled dustpan (p75)
S(M) Rosemaled Christmas tree ornament, Nancy Morgan
S(M) Rosemaled trunk (p15)
S(M) Rosemaled plate by Trudy Peach
S(M) Rosemaled plate by Jean Giese, 1982
S(M) Rosemaled plate with painted frame
S(M) Ibid.
S(M) Rosemaled plate
S(M) Ibid.
S(M) Rosemaled plate by "Olsen '78"
S(M) Rosemaled plate by G. Albrecht
S(M) Rosemaled panel with painted frame
Series: V: GRAPHIC MATERIALS. Janet C. Gilmore. Wisconsin Folk Museum Salvage Collection.
Black-and-white mounted photographs
5x6 Thelma and Elma Olsen, by Wally Schulz (courtesy of Thelma Olsen)
5x7 Stoughton Laundromat, by Phil Martin
5x7 Ethel Kvalheim, by Lewis Koch
5x7 of painting demo (P(M)92.1.11)
5x7 of painting demo close-up (P(M)92.1.10)
8x10 of Vesterheim (courtesy of Vesterheim)
8x10 of Per Lysne (courtesy Harriet Romnes)
Series: VI: ARTIFACTS. Wisconsin Historical Society Museum Division. Wisconsin Folk Museum Collection.
1996.118.131: chair, balloon back by Verna Spaanem
1996.118.132: armchair by Verna Spaanem
1996.118.133: kubbelstol (chair) by Karen E. Jenson
1996.118.134: corner cupboard by Ruth Wolfgram
1996.118.135: door "door prize" by Norse Rosemalers Association
1996.118.136: panel (Masonite) by Marcelaine Winner
1996.118.137: panel (Masonite) by Marcelaine Winner
1996.118.138: panel by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.139: panel by Jean Giese
1996.118.140: panel, Per Lysne-style by Karen Sanderson Gorski
1996.118.141: Velkommen sign by Nancy Morgan
1996.118.142: cutting board by Nancy Morgan
1996.118.143: breadboard by Oljanna Cunneen
1996.118.144: trivet by Gyda Mahlum
1996.118.145.1: knife holder by Vi Thode
1996.118.145.2: knife by Vi Thode
1996.118.146: plate by Sheila Stilin
1996.118.147: plate by Shirley Evenstad
1996.118.148: plate by V.F. Gullickson
1996.118.149: plate by Maxine Wilke
1996.118.150: plate by Laurie Brooks
1996.118.151: plate by Margaret of Margaret Studios, Inc.
1996.118.152: plate by Vi Thode
1996.118.153: plate by Vi Thode
1996.118.154: plate by Louise S. Lysne
1996.118.155: plate by Nancy Schmidt
1996.118.156: plate by Violet D. Christophersen
1996.118.157: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.158: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.159: plate by Phyllis Hoefer
1996.118.160: plate by Clarice Christensen
1996.118.161: plate by Elizabeth Backus
1996.118.162: plate by Ole Ueland
1996.118.163: lazy susan by Alma Rimestad
1996.118.164: bowl by Irene Lamont
1996.118.165: bowl by Susan Louthain
1996.118.165A: lid for bowl by Susan Louthain
1996.118.166: bowl by Ethel Kvalheim
1996.118.167: bowl by Ethel Kvalheim
1996.118.168: bowl by Irene Lamont
1996.118.169: bowl by Violet D. Christophersen
1996.118.170: bowl by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.171: bowl by Backus Studios
1996.118.172: bowl by Judith Nelson Miner
1996.118.173: basket by Sallie Haugen DeReus
1996.118.174: trunk by Gary Albrecht
1996.118.175: trunk by Vi Thode
1996.118.176: trunk by Dorothy Peterson
1996.118.177: family trunk by Pat Virch
1996.118.178: tine by Dagny Schee
1996.118.179: tine by Sunhild Muldbakken
1996.118.180A-B: tine by Thelma and Elma Olsen
1996.118.181: ceramic jar by Olga Edseth
1996.118.182A-B: bowling pin by Karen Sanderson Gorski
1996.118.183: bowling pin
1996.118.184: milk can
1996.118.188: duck decoy by Vi Thode
1996.118.189: Bible box by Addie Pittelkow
1996.118.190: Toothpick/match holder by Nelson
1996.118.191: tankard by Vi Thode
1996.118.192: frying pan by Jennie Einerson
1996.118.193: iron
1996.118.194: iron