German-American Music Project Collection, 1984-1986

Related Materials

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Wisconsin Folk Art Survey. John Michael Kohler Art Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 1985-1987.

Wisconsin Swiss Traditional Music Project Collection. (CSUMC0005-CG)

"Polka Music, Polka Culture." Traveling photo-text and related in-house exhibits. Wisconsin Folk Museum. 1990-1992; traveling photo-text exhibit is available for viewing and rental through Folklore Village Farm, Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

"In Tune With Tradition" exhibit and catalog. 1990. Cedarburg Cultural Center. Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

In Tune With Tradition: Wisconsin Folk Musical Instruments Project Collection. (CSUMC0035-CG)

Smithsonian/Wisconsin Folklife Festivals Collection. Wisconsin Arts Board. Madison, Wisconsin.