CETA Arts Program Photographs, 1976-1981


CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) was a federal employment law enacted in 1973. The CETA program was created to help reduce unemployment and improve the incomes and employability of participants. CETA funds were administered in a decentralized manner by state and local governments, who could disperse the funds as they saw fit. In 1982, CETA was replaced by the Job Training Partnership Act.

The exhibit of "The Spirit of Milwaukee" was a cooperative agreement between the Common Council's Special Committee on Public Information and the students and faculty of the Milwaukee Center for Photography. The photographs were taken between February and May of 1976 in Milwaukee, documenting Milwaukee life during the 1976 Bicentennial. After the Bicentennial, the program continued and the City of Milwaukee CETA Arts Program hired student photographers from the Milwaukee Center for Photography to take pictures and document Milwaukee. CETA Artist for 1977 was Susan Armour. CETA Artist from 1978-1979 was Lola Kennedy. CETA Artist from 1979-1981 was Beth Murray. The Department of City Development would then exhibit the photographs, as well as other art created under the program.