Jones Island Property Survey, 1914

Scope and Content Note

The collection is comprised entirely of 4” x 6” index cards. The cards contain traverse numbers, sometimes referred to as parcels, as locations. Block numbers are also listed on about half of the cards. The cards typically indicate who lived on the property, who they bought it from, whether they owned or rented it, and if they rented, who they rented it from. Many of the residents paid rent to the Illinois Steel Company, while others paid a fee to the Jones Island Society which was fighting in court the claims against the Illinois Steel Company. Some of the residents owned their house, but not the land, so they would still pay rent for the land and they may also have paid taxes to the city for their house. The cards usually indicate the individual who provided the information.

On the back of each card are small, hand-drawn plat maps showing the property lines and the structures on it. Some of the cards have updated information that may have been added at a later date, such as other family members, new claims, when sold, and death dates. The contents list summarizes the information on the cards; it is not a complete transcription. Nor does it include any of the updated information. Some cards may be missing and presumed non-extant. It should also be noted that since some of the information was provided through an interpreter, spellings of names may be inconsistent or incorrect; whenever possible alternate spellings are provided. The name Budzisz, variously spelled Budzicz, Budish or Budzish, is the most common example.