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Auenson, Neva Title: La Crescent: A History of its Frontiersmen
Quantity: 0.02 cubic feet (1 folder)
Call Number: MISC MSS 013
Abstract: "La Crescent: A History of its Frontiersmen" typewritten history of La Crescent, Minnesota. Written by Neva Auenson, 1965 July.
Auer, James M., 1928- Title: James M. Auer Papers, 1949-1973
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 180AN
Abstract: Papers of James Auer, a Wisconsin newspaper journalist and writer. Included are motion picture and television publicity; fragmentary records of the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors (AASFE), an organization designed to improve Sunday newspapers and weekend feature sections and magazines; writings; and correspondence. Little of Auer's own newspaper writings are included; rather the journalism-related papers consist of various files Auer accumulated. Among these are publicity files containing press releases, biographies, and summaries for several motion pictures and television programs. The files are particularly revealing about the publicity techniques used by MGM, United Artists, Universal, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and ABC Television. Also included are correspondence, newsletters, and financial, meeting, and membership files for AASFE, a group in which Auer served as treasurer and president. These document the organization's efforts to plan conventions, collect dues, and solicit membership. Writings include variant drafts of plays, stories, and poems authored by Auer, while correspondence consists of personal and business letters from family, friends, and readers. Included with the correspondence are two letters from August Derleth in which he complained that The Capital Times censored his newspaper column.
August, Thomas G., 1950- Title: The Making of an American Rabbi Manuscript, 1998
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 207
Abstract: The collection contains Thomas August's unpublished biography of Milwaukee Rabbi Joseph L. Baron, The Making of an American Rabbi. The work covers Joseph Baron's life from birth to death, with emphasis on his early education, his impact on Milwaukee's Jewish community, and his views and contributions to Zionism, Jewish education, liberal Judaism, and interfaith cooperation. The manuscript was completed in 1998.
Aukofer, Frank A., 1935- Title: Frank A. Aukofer Papers, 1957-2000
Quantity: 6.9 c.f. (15 archives boxes, 2 card boxes, 1 oversize folder), 8 sound recordings, and 9 video recordings
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 189; Tape 538A; Tape 1367A; VBC 025-032; VTA 027
Abstract: Papers of Aukofer, a reporter (1960-1989) and chief (1989-2000) of the Washington, D.C. bureau of The Milwaukee Journal, later the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Included are biographical information, correspondence with the general public, memoranda from Sig Gissler, Richard Leonard, Joseph Shoquist, and other Journal executives, as well as subject files containing memoranda, draft writings, clippings, reporter's notebooks, and research materials (some in recorded form). The latter concern reporting on automobiles, Arthur Bremer, Father James Groppi and the civil rights movement in Milwaukee, the trial of Eugene Hasenfus in Nicaragua, the Persian Gulf War, Watergate, and members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation. Other files concern The Freedom Forum, the National Press Club, of which Aukofer was president in 1978, the National Press Foundation, and other professional organizations. The videotapes include biographical interviews at the Newseum, congressional testimony about pooled coverage of the Persian Gulf War, and remarks at a 1996 symposium on the military and the media.
Aumann, Katherine Title: McCarthy Family Papers, 1894-1987
Quantity: 2.4 c.f. (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: M99-136
Abstract: Papers of Katherine Aumann, daughter of Charles McCarthy, of her parents, and of her husband, Francis Aumann. Materials include correspondence between Katherine and her mother Lucille, journals from Katherine’s travels in Europe and South America; papers relating to her service as an embassy librarian during World War II, correspondence between Charles McCarthy and his wife Lucille, and other family members documenting their home and family life, and the genealogy of both the McCarthy and Schreiber sides of the family.
Aust, Franz A., 1885-1963 Title: Franz A. Aust Papers, 1913-1966 (bulk 1913-1943)
Quantity: 0.2 cubic feet (1 archives box), 5 reels of microfilm (35 mm), and 37 drawings
Call Number: Mss 144; Micro 1138; PH 3899 (7)
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1913-1943, of Franz A. Aust, a University of Wisconsin professor of landscape architecture, consisting of speeches, radio talks, articles, and correspondence. The writings relate to interests in the fields of landscape design, rural planning, horticulture and gardening, roadside development and soil conservation, outdoor advertising, and aesthetics. Additional correspondence and related material relate to his early career at the University of Illinois under Wilhelm Miller, his long friendship with noted landscape architect Jens Jensen, and his role in the American Rural Planning Association, the Wisconsin Friends of Our Native Landscape, and the Wisconsin Roadside Development Council. Also included are a few landscape plans, some course materials, and miscellany. The majority of the papers are available only on microfilm. The drawings are not on the microfilm.
Austermiller, Judy Title: Judy Austermiller Papers, 1941-1996
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (1 record center carton and 1 archives box) and 34 tape recordings
Call Number: M97-252; Tape 1469A
Abstract: Papers of Judy Austermiller assembled during her project of writing a history of the Stern Fund (also known as the Stern Family Fund and the Edgar Stern Family Fund) for the Fund. Included are photocopies and originals of Stern Fund correspondence with grantees and between family members; memoranda, tax returns, and grant lists; notes, transcripts, and audio recordings of interviews with people affiliated with the Fund; clippings and articles on the Fund, grantees, and foundations; surveys of grantees; a draft of the history; and biographical files on David R. Hunter, well-known director of the Fund from 1964 to 1987.
Austin, Jerry Title: Jerry Austin Collection of Jandt/Yandt Family, Salzwedel Family, Affeldt Family, and Walter Family Papers,
Physical Description: 0.8 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 069
Abstract: Jerry Austin, a family researcher from St. Paul, Minnesota, compiled research on six German immigrant families who settled in western Wisconsin including the Carl Jandt/Yandt (1837-1901) family, the Johann Jandt (1828-1911) family, the Herman Salzwedel (1834-1915) family, the William Salzwedel (1840-1919) family, the Emilie (Salzwedel) Affeldt (1843-1922) family, and the Joseph Walter (1839-1922) family. Materials in the collection include photocopies of family reports, correspondence, birth records, census records, death records, marriage records, obituaries, passenger lists, pictures, maps, and some information provided by family researchers in Germany.
Austin, Wilbur M. Title: Wilbur M. Austin Photographs, 1957-1982
Quantity: 365 photographs and 603 negatives (2 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 1 negative box)
Call Number: M2004-246
Abstract: A collection of photographs and negatives taken between 1957 and 1982 in and around Janesville, Wisconsin, by Wilber W. Austin. Included are photographs from weddings, documentation of the Miss Wool of Wisconsin contest and related activities, the 1967 Janesville strike, water ballet, the Tommy Bartlett Water Show, underwater portraiture, album and assorted oversized prints, some produced for use in Janesville area photography exhibitions and contests.
Automation Fund Committee Title: Automation Fund Committee Records, 1959-1970
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (10 archives boxes), 2 tape recordings, and 1 film
Call Number: Mss 83; Tape 946A; AC 345
Abstract: Records of a committee composed of company, union, and neutral representatives which sought remedies to the displacement of workers when Armour and Company modernized its meatpacking operations and closed plants in the 1950's and 1960's. Financed by Armour, the committee commissioned studies and surveys; made recommendations to minimize displacement, some of which were incorporated into labor contracts between Armour and the Meat Cutters and Packinghouse Workers union; and provided direct assistance to workers in several cities where Armour plants closed. The collection consists chiefly of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, clippings, reports, questionnaires, and statistics. Administrative records, reports from committee studies and projects, and a subject file on labor issues comprise about half the collection. The remaining papers are files on plant closings where the committee actively assisted workers being laid off. Of these, committee projects at Kansas City and Omaha are particularly well documented.

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