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Architects’ Urban Design Assistance Team, Inc.;
Maynard W. Meyer & Associates
Title: Architects’ Urban Design Assistance Team, Inc. Records, 1972-1977
Quantity: 1.0 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: Local History Manuscript Collection 78
Abstract: Records of the Architects’ Urban Design Assistance Team (AUDAT) created to study & make recommendations to revitalize downtown Milwaukee. Materials included are financial, correspondence, various publications and reports.
Archive of Wisconsin Women Artists Title: Archive of Wisconsin Women Artists Records, 1959-1988
Quantity: 3 cubic ft. (8 boxes) 1 digital file (699 MB) plus additions of 1 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 3
Abstract: The collection includes oral history interviews with female artists in the visual, literary, and performing arts who were living in Wisconsin at the time of the interview. A University of Wisconsin Teaching Improvement Grant funded the cooperative project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, UW-Oshkosh, and UW-Green Bay.
Arctic Springs Creamery (Galesville, Wis.) Title: Arctic Springs Creamery Records, 1889-1924, 1967
Quantity: 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: La Crosse Micro 8; Micro 691
Abstract: Records documenting the creation and business activities of the Arctic Springs Creamery which processed cheese and butter in Galesville, Wisconsin, and was reorganized as a legal cooperative in 1924. The collection includes minutes of stockholders meetings, 1889-1924; correspondence, annual reports, and resolutions, 1919-1924; and articles of incorporation and by-laws. Also included are records pertaining to the 1967 merger of Hiawatha Dairies Cooperative and Arctic Springs Creamery Cooperative.
Arena (Coolgreany, Ireland) Title: Arena Editorial Office Files, 1960-1965
Quantity: .8 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 2
Abstract: Editorial office files of the Arena, a short-lived Irish literary magazine. The bulk of the collection is composed of holograph and typewritten manuscripts that were published in the magazine. Among the notable contributors were Austin Clarke, Anthony Cronin, Edward Dahlberg, Robert Graves, Brian Higgins, Patrick Kavanagh, Thomas Kinsella, Mary Lavin, James Plunkett, Paul Potts, and C. H. Sisson. Includes galley and page proofs for all four issues of the magazine, editorial comments and corrections by contributors; and correspondence concerning subscriptions and advertising.
Arkansas ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Title: Arkansas ACORN Records, 1970-1998
Quantity: 23.0 c.f. (23 record center cartons), 17 photographs (1 folder), and 2 tape recordings
Call Number: M2002-002
Abstract: Records of the first ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) office, founded in Little Rock (Arkansas) in June 1970 which later became the Arkansas branch of the national ACORN organization which moved its Organizing and Support Center to New Orleans in 1978. The records of ACORN-Arkansas include those of the founding group as well as those of the subsequent branch office. Included are campaign records documenting the activities of the organization concerning unemployment and jobs, utilities lifeline electric rates and generating plant construction, a suit to block the Mills Freeway in Little Rock, generic drug pricing, eyeglass price advertising, sales and property taxes, municipal spending of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grants, utilites and pollution, and housing.
Armentrout, George W., 1848-1923 Title: George W. Armentrout Papers, 1832-1922
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: McCormick Mss BC
Abstract: Papers of George Armentrout, an Augusta County, Virginia, lawyer, farmer, and businessman. The papers consist of scattered correspondence concerning land and lumber interests and his law practice; personal accounts for purchases of household supplies and drygoods; and financial records, 1881-1892, of the firm of Hanger (Jacob A.) and Armentrout, dealers in agricultural implements, sawmill equipment, and leather belting at Staunton, Virginia. Also included are legal papers and genealogical notes used in Armentrout's search for the heirs of Scarlet Daugherty.
Arms-Yager Railway Car Company Title: Arms-Yager Railway Car Company Records, 1885-1944
Quantity: 3.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes, 1 flat box, and 3 volumes)
Call Number: Mss 269
Abstract: Corporate and financial records of the Arms-Yager Railway Car Company, a company in the business of leasing horse/livestock cars to railroads. Organized in Toledo, Ohio in 1885 as the Arms Palace Horse and Stock Car Company, it later moved to Chicago and underwent several name changes before dissolution in 1944. The files, which are incomplete, include stockholders' and directors' minutes, some financial and general correspondence, stockholders' records, operating records, and financial records. Also present is a financial record book of Glen View Lodge, Inc.
Arndt, Peter S. Title: Peter S. Arndt Civil War Carte de Visite Collection,
Quantity: 0.2 linear ft. (1 carte de visite box and 1 folder).
Call Number: WVM Mss 954
Abstract: Civil War carte de visite collection Collection consisting of 192 Civil War era photographs, roughly the size of a business card, of prominent Union and Confederate officers, politicians, and fourteen United States presidents. Prominent generals such as Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson can be seen along with their lesser-known comrades-in-arms. Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Union politicians Salmon Chase and William Seward are found among the Civil War era politicians, along with presidents of the United States, from John Adams through Abraham Lincolinear The collection also includes a carte de visite and graphite sketch of Arndt, who served as a surgeon with both the 2nd and 31st Wisconsin Infantry Regiments during the Civil War. The photograph is signed “Dr. Arndt, Surgeon” and shows him in Union uniform with sword. The sketch depicts a young, mustached Arndt in a dark suit that could be an Army uniform.
Arnet Family Title: Arnet Family Papers, 1914-1970
Quantity: 0.4 c.f. (1 archives box) and photographs
Call Number: River Falls Mss DI; PH 3695
Abstract: Papers of a Minnesota farm family that also had connections in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Included are correspondence from family members who served in the military during World War I and II, two brief diaries of Laura Sheldon Arnet from the 1940's describing her life when she managed the farm alone, and financial records of the farm ranging from the late 1920's to 1970. The military correspondence concerns daily life rather than combat and chiefly focuses on training, life in the trenches, and the post-war occupation of Japan. Photographs include views of the cemetery in France where Philip Arnet I was buried. The financial records provide information on record-keeping practices on a family farm and some summary data on its overall economic condition.
Arnold, Jeanne, 1931-. Title: Jeanne Arnold and Barbara Lindquist Papers, 1977-2009
Quantity: 2.2 cubic feet (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: UWP Manuscript Collection 17
Abstract: Jeanne Arnold (formerly Jeanne Chalekian) is a lesbian feminist author of Racine, Wisconsin. Arnold and her partner Barbara Lindquist founded Mother Courage Bookstore and Art Gallery in Racine in 1978 to promote feminism and to establish a gathering place for women. The collection contains manuscripts, papers concerning the 1977 St. Luke’s Hospital Strike, materials from Mother Courage Press, memoirs of the lives of Arnold and Lindquist, and personal papers.
Aronowitz, Stanley, 1933- Title: Stanley Aronowitz Papers, 1962-1965
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Mss 372
Abstract: Papers of Aronowitz, a leftist sociologist and political activist and author of False Promises: The Shaping of American Working Class Consciousness. Included are correspondence with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Northern Student Movement, and other civil rights organizations concerning their projects; research notes and clippings on the economic situation in the United States; and an address file.
Aronson, James, 1915-1988 Title: James Aronson Papers, 1932-1999 (bulk 1937-1987)
Quantity: 14.4 cubic feet (14 records center cartons and 1 archives box), 0.3 cubic feet of photographs (1 archives box, 1 tube, and 1 oversize folder), 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm) and 118 tape recordings; plus additions of 1.0 cubic foot
Call Number: Mss 1062; PH 6613; Micro 2103; Audio 1473A; M2010-165
Abstract: Papers, 1932-1999 (bulk 1937-1987), of journalist and teacher James Aronson, who was best known (with James T. McManus and Cedric Belfrage) as a founder of the National Guardian, an independent left-wing news weekly. There are files about the newspaper, but the majority of the collection consists of correspondence, speeches and writings, and teaching materials dating from his post-National Guardian career (after 1967) as a freelance writer and teacher of journalism at Hunter College and China in 1979 and 1981.
Arpin, Edmund P., 1894- Title: Edmund P. Arpin Papers, 1917-1926, 1956
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder) and 1 reel of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Micro 16; SC 525
Abstract: Correspondence, notebooks, and other items concerning the World War service and travels through France and Germany of Edmund P. Arpin, 128th Infantry, 32nd Division. Several letters concern events of 1918 for which Arpin received the Distinguished Service Cross in 1921. One 1956 letter from Arpin concerns his recollections of “Indian Jeff,” an old-time river lumber rafter. Several undated essays and recollections by unknown writers concern the Arpin family, Francis X. Biron, John A. Gaynor, and the history of Wood County, Wisconsin
Arriaga Society of America Title: Arriaga Society of America Records, 1820-1983
Quantity: .2 cubic ft. (1 box) 1 oversize folder
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 7
Abstract: Miscellaneous records, mostly dating 1956-1958, of an organization which promoted the memory and music of Juan Christomo de Arriaga, an early 19th century Spanish composer. Includes the correspondence of the Society's president, Alan Pedigo, with fellow Arriaga enthusiasts, newsclippings, programs from concerts of Arriaga's music, and a 1906 photograph of the laying of the cornerstone at the Arriaga Memorial. Includes a fragment from the 1820 score of Los Esclavos Felices, and a page from an unidentified original score.
Art Association of La Crosse (Wis.). Title: Art Association of La Crosse Scrapbooks
Physical Description: 0.4 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 002
Abstract: The Art Association of La Crosse was founded February 22, 1915, in the art department of the Normal School (later known as the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse). The Association became a chapter of the National Federation of Arts. The main purpose of the Association was to sponsor exhibits and talks on art in La Crosse. Scrapbooks probably compiled by University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Professor David O. Coate. The scrapbooks consist of articles and ephemera from the Art Association of La Crosse (Wisconsin) and the Men's Sketch Club, 1915-1926; 1932-1939.
Artist Series at the Pabst (Milwaukee, Wis.) Title: Artist Series at the Pabst Records, 1976-2007
Quantity: 1.2 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 291
Abstract: Records of the Artist Series at the Pabst, a musical artist performance series established in 1976 and run by volunteers. Also included are materials from the organization's Jazz Series.
Arveson, Raymond Gregory, 1883-1960 Title: Raymond Gregory Arveson Papers, 1906-1960
Quantity: 1.4 c.f. (1 archives box and 2 flat boxes) and 68 photographs
Call Number: M2005-058
Abstract: Papers documenting the career of Raymond Gregory Arveson, a physician in Frederic, Polk County, Wisconsin. A 1906 graduate of the Wisconsin College of Physicians, “Ted” Arveson served in the Navy Medical Corps in World War I, and was the first Wisconsin physician to build a small hospital in which to start a rural group practice. He was a member of the State Board of Medical Examiners (1941-1948); president of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin (1940); and a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents for 8 1/2 years. His papers include personal correspondence, a financial record book, and a diary kept while in the service. Three scrapbooks commemorate Dr. Arveson's 50th anniversary as a physician in Frederic, and include correspondence and documents concerning his long career. The photographs include formal and informal photos of Arveson, his wife Mabel, other colleagues and friends, and events including bratwurst picnics of the Board of Regents (1951-1952).

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