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Adamkiewicz, Sylvia, 1901- Title: Sylvia Adamkiewicz Family Papers, 1898-1979
Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder)
Call Number: Milwaukee SC 94
Abstract: Papers pertaining to the Adamkiewicz family and relatives, collected by Sylvia Adamkiewicz (nee Marlewski), consisting largely of newsclippings on family events, including the rescue of Ladislaus Adamkiewicz after his ship, the U.S.S. Jacob Jones, was sunk in World War I; and materials relating to the Kolpacki family and to Theodore Marlewski's Milwaukee pharmacy.
Adams County (Wis.). Clerk Title: Adams County (Wis.). Clerk: Reports and Papers, 1883-1954
Quantity: 3.6 c.f. (9 archives boxes)
Call Number: Adams Series 4
Abstract: Reports and papers filed with the county clerk, including annual reports of county officers, supervisors' oaths, reports of county board committees, claims, ordinances, petitions, communications, and resolutions.
Adams County (Wis.). Mediation Board. Title: Adams County, Wisconsin, Mediation Board Records, 1935-1942
Quantity: 1.0 cubic foot (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Adams Series 21
Abstract: Records, 1935-1942, of the Adams County, Wisconsin, Mediation Board which was empowered to mediate actions on the foreclosure of mortgages on real estate. Case files contain copies of the notice of hearing, summons, and complaint in foreclosure cases handled by the Mediation Board, with a report giving a summary of the hearing and recommendations of the board. The minute book contains testimony related to each case presented before the Board. The Mediation Board was formed by Chapter 319, Laws of 1935 and dissolved when the legislation expired in 1943.
Adams County (Wis.) Treasurer Title: Adams County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1858-2000
Quantity: 63.1 cubic feet (35 archives boxes and 265 volumes)
Call Number: Adams Series 5
Abstract: Rolls giving date, town, owner, land description, acreage, valuation of real and personal property, amount of taxes, and record of payment.
Adams County (Wis.). Treasurer and Clerk Title: Adams County (Wis.). Treasurer and Clerk: Tax Sale Records, 1854-1896
Quantity: 3.5 c.f. (13 volumes)
Call Number: Adams Series 15
Abstract: Records of lands sold for unpaid taxes. Includes date of sale, tax certificate number, property description, name of persons assessed taxes, amount of taxes, name of redeemer, purchase price, and date of redemption. Content of entries may differ depending on whether they were created by the County Treasurer or the County Clerk. Entries in Volume 4 are arranged by lot description and section number of property.
Adams, Cyrus C. (Cyrus Cornelius), 1849-1928 Title: Cyrus C. Adams Scrapbooks, 1884-1890
Quantity: .8 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Call Number: AGSL Manuscript Collection 14
Abstract: These scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings documenting worldwide travel, exploration, trade, and peoples. Cyrus C. Adams appears to have authored many of the articles and compiled these scrapbooks.
Adams, Frank, 1934- Title: Frank Adams Papers, 1940-2009
Quantity: 8.8 c.f. (22 archives boxes), 27 tape recordings, 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm), and 65 photographs; plus additions of 17.8 c.f., 8 tape recordings, and 4 videorecordings
Call Number: Mss 343; Audio 824A; Micro 803; Audio 1230A; PH 3943; M91-067; M91-109; M92-311; M93-043; M94-057; M95-315; M97-193; M2000-146; M2001-151; M2010-065
Abstract: Papers, 1940-2009, of Frank Adams, a North Carolina author, journalist, educator, and community organizer. The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, interviews, and drafts of his writings. The subjects covered are: Southern social activism including material on James A. Dombrowski and the Highlander Research and Education Center; workers rights, unions, cooperatives, Employee Share Ownership Plans as well as papers relating to the Industrial Cooperative Association, and National Network of Forest Practitioners; education, adult and prisoner; and involvement with his alma mater, Goddard College.
Adams, Henry Cullen, 1850-1906 Title: Henry Cullen Adams Papers, 1870-1906
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (4 archives boxes)
Call Number: Wis Mss IA
Abstract: Papers of Henry Cullen Adams, who represented Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District, 1903-1906, primarily consisting of correspondence and speeches. The papers focus on Adams' three congressional election campaigns and include only scant material about his pre-Congressional career and his legislative accomplishments. There is some information on his work for the enactment of the federal Grout Bill taxing oleomargarine, Arizona-New Mexico Joint Statehood Bill, Philippine Tariff measure, fight against food adulteration, Adams bill to aid agricultural experiment stations, and his opposition to the dictatorial methods of Speaker Joseph G. Cannon. Adams support for agriculture appears most prominently in correspondence with William D. Hoard and officers of the National Dairy Union, and in speeches. The campaign correspondence is exceptionally frank and informative and includes exchanges with many local supporters, district campaign head Grant Thomas, Henry Casson, Elisha W. Keyes, and Joseph W. Babcock of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. The papers include a typescript copy of Mrs. Adams account of the 1905 congressional tour of inspection to Alaska. Ben C. Adams, Henry's brother, is represented by one speech and numerous political letters.
Adams, James A. Title: James A. Adams Papers, 1961-1974
Quantity: 2 reels of microfilm (35mm) and 9 photographs
Call Number: Oshkosh Micro 20; Micro 1022; PH Oshkosh Micro 20
Abstract: Personal papers of Adams, a former Democratic mayor of Menasha, Wisconsin, consisting of files on his efforts to finance and implement an improved sewerage treatment facility; correspondence, speeches and financial reports on his unsuccessful 1972 campaign against Congressman William Steiger; extensive biographical clippings; and other subject files. Photographs include publicity-related images of Adams with consituents and at political rallies, fundraisers, and other events.
Adams, John C., 1842-1895 Title: John C. Adams Papers, 1792-1932
Quantity: 1.8 c.f. (9 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Call Number: Wis Mss HP; File 1825 January 8 Oversize
Abstract: Papers, 1792-1932, of John C. Adams, an educated Stockbridge mixed-blood Indian of Antigo, Wisconsin, unofficial attorney and agent for his tribe in Wisconsin. The bulk of the papers relate to the later history of the tribe in Wisconsin and the controversy between the so-called “citizen” and “Indian” party factions of the tribe, and particularly to the twenty-year struggle of Adams beginning in the 1870s to secure national legislation restoring to the citizen party the right to live on the reservation and share in tribal funds. There is correspondence for these years with members of Congress, the Indian Commissioner, the Secretary of the Interior, attorneys in Washington, local Indian agents, members of the tribe, the Wisconsin Home Missionary Society, and the Indian Rights Association. Many documents concern the Stockbridge tribe but not Adams directly.
Adams, Robert McCormick, 1847-1925 Title: Robert McCormick Adams Papers, 1869-1953
Quantity: 2.0 c.f. (5 archives boxes)
Call Number: McCormick Mss L
Abstract: Correspondence, receipts, and reports of R. M. Adams, son of Cyrus Hall McCormick's sister Amanda. Included are many letters from his wife and children; his brother, Edward S. Adams; and his sister-in-law, Grace C. (Mrs. James W.) Adams, and her sons. The papers, separated from the files of Nettie Fowler McCormick, Cyrus H. McCormick, Jr., and Anita McCormick Blaine, reflect many years of appeals by members of the Adams family for cash gifts and loans from the McCormicks due to financial reverses, medical costs, and the struggle to educate the Adams' children.
Adato, Perry Miller Title: Perry Miller Adato Papers, 1940-1974
Quantity: 0.6 cubic feet (2 archives boxes), 228 cans of film, and 3 tape recordings
Call Number: U.S. Mss 181AN; Audio 741A; AB 773-778; CA 574-575; DC 810-811; GA 073; SCA 001-217
Abstract: Papers, 1940-1974, of Perry Miller Adato, a female producer-director of television documentaries for NET and WNET. Included are outtakes, dailies, soundtracks, and shot lists from Dylan Thomas, the World I Breathe (1968), which won an Emmy Award; Eames at MoMA (1973), The 40's: The Great Radio Comedians (1972), and other titles by Adato or with which she was associated. For Radio Comedians there are progressive script drafts and transcripts of interviews with Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen, George Burns, Bing Crosby, Jim Jordan, and Arch Oboler.
Addis, Joseph J. Title: Joseph J. Addis Papers
Physical Description: 0.4 cubic feet
Call Number: MSS 051
Abstract: Papers of a former La Crosse City Council member Joseph Addis, 1975-1993. Arranged alphabetically by topic or committee, the collection contains a sampling of documents that city council dealt with mainly from 1984-1993, ranging from agreements to zoning, but should not be viewed as complete or as a record of decisions by the Council during this time. Although Addis served on the La Crosse (Wis.) City Council from 1969 to his death in 1992, the collection does not contain any biographical or personal materials or information.
Adelman, Lynn Title: Lynn Adelman Papers, 1977-1997
Extent: 15.0 c.f. (15 record center cartons), 1.0 c.f. of photographs (3 archives boxes), and 4 videorecordings
Call Number: M2007-093
Abstract: Legislative papers of Lynn Adelman, state Senator of the 28th Senate District since 1976. Included are constituent correspondence, memoranda and correspondence from Adelman’s office to other legislators and policy makers, background material, and press releases arranged by subject. Subjects include the Brewers Stadium, crime, driving under the influence, and issues of ethics particularly as it relates to the University of Wisconsin. The photographs principally consist of campaign head shots and of Adelman with constituents. The videos are primarily television broadcasts with Adelman.
Adler, Julius, Emeritus Professor Title: Julius Adler papers
Quantity: 5 Linear Feet Five record storage cartons. Five linear feet of papers, bound volumes, and photographs.
Call Number: uac111
Abstract: The Julius Adler papers document the research and professional activity of Emeritus Professor Julius Adler in the Department of Biochemistry and Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Adler's work concerns sensory response, especially in fruit flies as a method of understanding the how brains function. Adler also contributed work on the Escherichia coli bacterium to the field of chemotaxis (the study of how organisms move in relation to chemical stimuli). The collections includes published and unpublished writing, correspondence, general files, photographs, lab notebooks, and awards and accolades.
Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin Title: Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin Records, 1976-1993
Quantity: 0.6 cubic feet (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: River Falls Mss EZ
Abstract: Records of the Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin consisting of newsletters, brochures, chapter information, and by-laws. Also included are financial records, grants, meeting minutes, and treasurer's reports. Records are also included documenting the organization's name change from OURS of Western Wisconsin to Adoptive Families of Western Wisconsin in 1986.
Advanced Harvesting Systems Title: Advanced Harvesting Systems Records, 1977-1997
Extent: 3.2 c.f. (8 archives boxes)
Call Number: M2006-105
Abstract: Records of Advanced Harvesting Systems (AHS), a company created and funded by International Harvester to secretly develop a combine that could perform protein extraction from alfalfa in the field. The company was led by Bob Alverson and employed International Harvester engineers, including Ralph Baumheckel. The company eventually produced a working prototype. Records include reports, memoranda, and correspondence.
Advertising Women of New York Title: Advertising Women of New York Scrapbooks, 1912-1951
Quantity: 13.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes and 18 flat boxes)
Call Number: U.S. Mss 49AF
Abstract: Scrapbooks, 1912-1951, of the Advertising Women of New York (AWNY), a women's professional and service organization formed in 1912 and originally known as the League of Advertising Women. Some of the scrapbooks chronicle club history (1912-1949); contain invitations and meeting announcements; cover special events such as the 1931 Advertising Federation of America Convention, the club's 1940 consumer conference, and its Pan American fiesta in 1941. The remaining scrapbooks consist of award submissions to the Advertising Federation of America (1945-1951); some are fine examples of scrapbook art as well as highlighting the organization's public service and educational activities. Loose materials from the scrapbooks include many copies of the club newsletters, Advertising Women and Ab Libber, as well as membership rosters.

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