Iowa County (Wis.). Clerk: Dairy Statistics, 1903-1916

Scope and Content Note

Three kinds of forms are included: Statements of Dairy Statistics; Assessors Certified Lists of Creameries, Cheese Factories and Milk Condensing Factories and Owners and Operators; and Owner-Manager Statements. Indicated on the list below are the number of local governments submitting each form and whether or not a summary by the county is present.

The Statements show number, value, number of patrons contributory, number of cows contributory, pounds of milk received during year, pounds of butter, cheese or condensed milk produced, and amount received for dairy products for creameries, cheese factories and milk condensing plants. Statements also have blanks for the amount and value of butter, cheese, and condensed milk produced on farms.

Assessors Certified Lists show name and location of creameries, cheese factories and milk condensing factories and the name and address of owners or manager and operators.

Owner-Manager Statements show the name and address of the owner or manager and the operator of dairy plants.