Indian Summer Festivals, Inc. Records, 1985-2007


Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Indian Summer Festivals, Inc. was organized and incorporated in 1985 [a 501(c)3 organization] and formed for the purpose of organizing, planning and presenting an American Indian ethnic festival. The organization continues to be dedicated to strengthening the American Indian community and educating the general public on the history and the unique and diverse cultures of the American Indian by providing a forum to celebrate and showcase American Indian traditions. Their main activities include the Indian Summer festival, Education Day, and a Winter Pow Wow. Indian Summer is an annual festival held at the Summerfest grounds over the weekend following Labor Day. Education Day is held annually on the Friday before Indian Summer in an effort to give kindergarten through eighth grade students and teachers a greater understanding of American Indian culture and heritage. The Winter Pow Wow was first held in downtown Milwaukee at the Mecca Arena and later moved to the Wisconsin State Fair Park. It traditionally occurs during the first weekend in March.