Salzer Summer Home Scrapbooks

Historical Note

In 1884, the Reverend John A. Salzer (1823-1892), a pioneer Methodist preacher and founder of the Salzer Seed Company, purchased Ferndale as a summer camping ground, although he and his family may have camped at that site in Minnesota for some years before its purchase. Many guests came to visit and the primitive cabin was improved upon each year. Three years after the Reverend Salzer's death, the summer cottage was sold to a son, John P. Salzer, in 1895. Mrs. John P. Salzer maintained and enlarged the summer hospitality at Ferndale. Many picnics and camping gatherings were held at Ferndale.

Ferndale was sold to Mrs. Bernard Mast sometime after 1929, and by 1957 Ferndale was slated to be destroyed due to expansion of U.S. Highway 61. At that time it was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Giles R. Leonard of La Crosse.