Socialist Workers Party Records, 1928-2002

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

The following portions of the collection are restricted for a period of 10 years after the date of creation, issuance, or publication of the materials: Minutes of Political Bureau, Secretariat, and other bodies elected by the Political Committee; National Office mailings; Local and District “Internal Bulletins;” and SWP Discussion and Debate Files.

Use Restrictions

The copyrights that reside with the SWP and related collections are held by SWP National Secretary Jack Barnes. Anyone wishing to publish from any of this material must obtain written permission from Mr. Jack Barnes or his representative, Steve Clark.

SWP Contact Address:
Mr. Steve Clark
Socialist Workers Party
406 West Street
New York, NY 10014-2570

Some materials in the collection may be covered by copyrights held by individuals or organizations other than the SWP, and researchers are cautioned that any use beyond “fair use” may require approval from these copyright holders.

Acquisition Information

Presented by Thomas Kerry, Socialist Workers Party (New York), Socialist Workers Party (Minneapolis Branch), Socialist Workers Party (Los Angeles Branch), George Novack, Library of Social History, Reba Hansen, The Militant via the Library of Social History, Bob Schwarz, Steve Clark, and Holbrook Mahn Accession Number: M67-374, M68-051, M70-099, M74-109, M75-540, M75-647, M76-046, M76-566, M80-075, M81-206, M84-030, M85-006, M86-116, M92-048, M92-173, M93-078, M93-249, M95-072, M97-184, M92-180, M92-182, M92-192, M2002-080, M2005-027