Milwaukee Press Club Records, 1885-2018

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

Researchers must use access copies of electronic records. There are no other access restrictions on the materials, and the collection is open to all members of the public in accordance with state law.

Use Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in the use of this collection (Wisconsin Statutes 19.21-19.39).

Acquisition Information

The Milwaukee Press Club donated the collection to the Archives in March 1999. Lee Baker donated two photographs for the collection in November 2003 (accession 2006-011). The Milwaukee Press Club donated additional materials in 2003 (accession 2003-036), 2004 (accessions 2003-048, 2003-066, 2003-076, 2003-089, 2004-004), 2006 (accession 2005-047), 2010 (accession 2010-013), 2012 (accession 2011-038), 2013 (accessions 2013-007 and 2013-033), 2014 (accession 2013-056), and 2015 (accession 2015-006). David Niles donated accession 2015-011 to the Archives in August 2015, accessions 2016-023 and 2016-028 in 2016, and accession 2018-020 in December 2018.

Processing Information

V Church processed accessions 2021-029, 2022-025 and 2022-026 in Feburary 2023. These accessions were not intergrated into the collection. Accession materials include aditions of the Once A Year Magazine, new autorgraphed plaques, and return of loaned plaques. Plaques that were originally on loan were added back to their respective locations. New plaques were placed in a seperate box sorted alphabetically. Magazines were sorted chronologically by year.

Robert Carter, Michael Doylen, Chan Harries, Leslie Heinrichs, Mike Jan, Kathy Koch, Roger Lange, Sharon McQueen, Michael Rhodes, Maria Schoeberl, Richard Shrake, Daardi Sizemore, Jennifer Sullivan, Eric Volmar, Nicholas Weber, and Stephanie Williams processed the collection at the Archives in 1999. Additions have been processed by Nicole Jackelen in 2001 and Jay Hyland in 2002. Christel Maass added accession 2006-011 in August 2006. Matt Shoemaker (supervised by Christel Maass) added accessions 2003-036, 2003-048, 2003-066, 2003-076, 2003-089, 2004-004, and 2005-047 in winter 2009. Cate Sering (supervised by Christel Maass) added accession 2010-013 in February 2011 (adding plaques to box 45 and adding box 50).

In October 2011, Bob Jaeger removed 50 safety film negatives from box 4 and placed them with other safety film negatives. In January 2012, Bob Jaeger removed 102 safety film negatives from box 3 and placed them in box 51.

Julie Hatfield (supervised by Christel Maass) added accession 2011-038 (box 45) in March 2012. Lindsay Frey (supervised by Christel Maass) added accesssions 2013-007 and 2013-033 in fall 2013. Christel Maass added accession 2013-056 in July 2014. Molly Whiteside (supervised by Christel Maass) added accession 2015-006 to the collection in September 2015. Christel Maass added accession 2015-011 in November 2015. Ashlie Biddle (supervised by Christel Maass) added accessions 2016-023 and 2016-028 to the collection in January 2017. Christel Maass added accession 2018-020 to the collection in March 2019.

Deaccession Information

Due to its poor condition, Michael Doylen discarded audio reel 24 on 2006 November 16.