Alexander Simplot Papers and Drawings, 1866-1911

Summary Information
Title: Alexander Simplot Papers and Drawings
Inclusive Dates: 1866-1911

  • Simplot, A. (Alexander), 1837-1914
Call Number: PH 1558; SC 250

Quantity: 0.1 c.f. (1 folder), 31 drawings, 3 sketchbooks, and 2 lithographs in 1 archives box and 1 flat box

Archival Locations:
Wisconsin Historical Society (Map)

Papers of Alexander Simplot, Civil War artist, including manuscript notes for an article on the war written in 1899, two notebooks, a scrapbook of clippings, and drawings. The drawings document pre-Civil War and Civil War activities in Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee and include drawings of towns, camps, troops, and battles. Also included are several maps made by Simplot. The maps and drawings may have been done for Harper's Weekly magazine.

Language: English

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Administrative/Restriction Information
Acquisition Information

Presented by Raymond Simplot, Madison, Wisconsin, November 7, 1958.

Contents List
Series: Manuscripts
SC 250
Papers, notes, notebooks, clippings, etc.
PH 1558
Series: Visual Materials
Box/Folder   1/1
Item   1
Pre-Civil War: New York: “Lock at Rexfort Flat, N.Y., 1856”
Civil War
Box/Folder   1/2
Item   2
“Cairo, Illinois, at high water, March 13, 1862. Gunboat Cincinnati (left) guarding Union approaches to Cairo on the Ohio River”
Box/Folder   1/3
Item   3
“Section of completed part of Fort Cairo facing the [confluence] of the Mississippi and Ohio.” Camp Cairo, Illinois
Box/Folder   1/4
Item   4
“The Essex (New Era) transformed into a gunboat anchored at Cairo, Illinois”
Box/Folder   1/5
Item   5
“Repair boat - Gunboat [Cincinnati] and Lexington - at Cairo”
Box/Folder   1/6
Item   6
Kentucky: “Soldiers bunks at Fort Holt”
Box/Folder   1/7
Item   7
“General [Rosecrans] and staff [hurriedly] erecting earthworks during the Battle at Corinth. The enemy driving in our lines.” Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, Oct. 3-4, 1862
Box/Folder   1/8
Item   8
“Combined Confederate attack upon [Batteries] Robinette and Davis the attack on Battery Robinette being defeated and that on Davis resulting in the defeat and flight of our soldiers and the possession of the Battery (Davis) by the Confederates.” During the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, Oct. 3-4, 1862
Box/Folder   1/9
Item   9
“Ferry New Era being transformed into a gunboat - at St. Louis”
Box/Folder   1/10
Item   10
“Building rafts, or Pontoons, upon which to mount huge mortars - for use on the river”
Box/Folder   1/11
Item   11
“Conveying provisions over the Ozark Mountains to the army at Springfield, Mo.”
Box/Folder   1/12
Item   12
“Plaza at Springfield - Missouri - Civil War”
Box/Folder   1/13
Item   13
“View of Springfield, Mo. [Freemont's] army in [possession]”
Box/Folder   2/1
Item   14
“Com. Foote attacking the upper water batteries at No. 10”
Box/Folder   1/14
Item   15
Sketch of Battle of Island No. 10, April 1862 / Sketch of Fort Pillow, Tennessee
Box/Folder   2/2
Item   16
“Capture of Fort Henry on the Tennessee River, February the 8th, 1862”
Box/Folder   1/15
Item   17
“The 2nd and 7th Iowa and the 52nd Indiana headed by General Smith storming up the rebel works at Fort Donelson causing its surrender to General Grant the next morning.” During the Battle of Fort Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862
Box/Folder   1/16
Item   18
“Colonel Elliot's rams approaching the city of Memphis, Tennessee, to demand its surrender,” June 6, 1862
Box/Folder   1/17
Item   19
“[Commissary] steamer - Pittsburg [Landing]”
Box/Folder   1/18
Item   20
“Hamburg Landing, 4 miles below Pittsburg Landing, [Commissary] Depot of Gen. Hallek's Army”
Unknown Locations
Box/Folder   1/19
Item   21
“Lieut. Fosters camp preparing for the night contrabands connected with the Engineer, Department of the Army”
Box/Folder   1/20
Item   22
Men examining canons
Sketch books
Sketchbook 1
Box/Folder   1/21
Item   23a
“Benton, Com. Foote's flag ship”
Box/Folder   1/22
Item   23b
“The Gunboats at No. 10 - Eve. of Arrival before the [Island]”
Box/Folder   1/23
Item   23c
“[William Starke Rosecrans'] battle at Corinth.” Corinth, Mississippi, May 22-30, 1862
Box/Folder   1/24
Item   23d
“Iowa Falls, Iowa, April 24th 1866”
Box/Folder   1/25
Item   23e
“Home of notorious Rebel - Newsome. E.L. Newsome. New Madrid.” Missouri
Box/Folder   1/26
Item   23f
“Hospital boat” / Buildings
Sketchbook 2
Box/Folder   1/27
Item   24a
Sketchbook cover / Camp site
Box/Folder   1/28
Item   24b
River bank
Box/Folder   1/28
Item   24c
Box/Folder   1/29
Item   24d
“4 miles from Pittsburg Landing, Hamburg Landing” Tennessee
Box/Folder   1/29
Item   24e
[blank page]
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24f
“An 'Imperial' Scene up the Tenn.” Tennessee River
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24g-h
“Fort Pillow upon the Eve of evacuation by the Rebels”
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24i
“Hamburg Landing,” Tennessee
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24j
“Magazine at Farmington near Trail Junction,” Mississippi
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24k
“Scene on the raging Tennessee,” Tennessee River
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24l
“Sailing up the Tennessee River”
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24m-n
“Battle ground in foreground where occurred the skirmish near Farmington near Corinth.” Farmington church near Corinth, Mississippi
Box/Folder   1/30
Item   24o
“Battery G, 1st Ohio, pickets near Farmington”
Box/Folder   1/31
Item   24p
“Exterior of Fort Donelson”
Box/Folder   1/31
Item   1/24q
“Fort Donelson. Charge ______ ______ by the 2nd Iowa”
Box/Folder   1/32
Item   24r-s
Box/Folder   1/33
Item   24t
Box/Folder   1/33
Item   24u
“Looking into Corinth from Farmington”
Box/Folder   1/34
Item   24v
Box/Folder   1/34
Item   24w
Map: “Rueben North Racine, Wisconsin. Licturer [?], Rockford”
Box/Folder   1/35
Item   24x
Landscape [?]
Box/Folder   1/35
Item   24y
Miscellaneous sketches
Box/Folder   1/36
Item   24z
Box/Folder   1/36
Item   24aa
Box/Folder   1/37
Item   24bb
Box/Folder   1/37
Item   24cc
Box/Folder   1/38
Item   24dd
Ships [partial page]
Box/Folder   1/38
Item   24ee
People [partial page]
Box/Folder   1/39
Item   24ff
“Hospital and ______ during the last days battle at Fort Donelson on the Tennessee”
Box/Folder   1/39
Item   24gg
“Steamers at Memphis at time of capturing New National, Kentucky”
Box/Folder   1/40
Item   24hh
Ships on river
Box/Folder   1/40
Item   24ii
Interior, possibly a hospital or bunk room
Box/Folder   1/41
Item   24jj
“A member of the mule cavalry” / Sketchbook cover
Box/Folder   1/42
Item   25
Sketchbook 3
Box/Folder   1/43
Item   26
“Mrs. Major Belle Reynolds, U.S. Army in the Civil War, 1862”
Box/Folder   1/44
Item   27
“Urldrid [?] Laurier”
Box/Folder   1/45
Item   28
Box/Folder   1/46
Item   29
Man in uniform
Box/Folder   1/47
Item   30
Arkansas River, White River, and Helena, Arkansas
Box/Folder   1/48
Item   31
Battle of Wilson's Creek, Springfield, Missouri, Aug. 10, 1861
Box/Folder   1/49
Item   32
Missouri / Fort Henry, Tennessee, and Fort Donelson, Tennessee
Box/Folder   1/50
Item   33
Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, April 6-7, 1862
Box/Folder   1/51
Item   34
Tennessee and parts of surrounding states
Box/Folder   1/52
Item   35
Tramway up hillside
Box/Folder   1/53
Item   36
Platteville Brewery