Fine Arts Quartet Records, 1910-2016

Administrative/Restriction Information

Access Restrictions

There are no access restrictions on the materials, and the collection is open to all members of the public in accordance with state law.

Use Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in the use of this collection (Wisconsin Statutes 19.21-19.39).

Acquisition Information

Aviva Sorkin donated the majority of the collection on 4 November 1985 and other portions before 1989. Some materials from the Music Library were accessioned in May 2012 (accession 2011-044). Ralph Evans donated additional materials in April 2016 (accession 2015-039), in October 2016 (accession 2016-018), in February 2017 (accession 2016-038), in October 2017 (accession 2017-011 and accession 2017-012), and in February 2018 (2017-025). Rebecca Littman donated the audio recordings (2017-041) in June 2018.

Processing Information

Mike Klawitter, Stanley Mallach, Mark Shelstad, Timothy Spindler, Mark Vargas, and John Wynstra processed the collection between March and December 1992 at the Archives. Mark Vargas added the materials in box 7 to the collection in May 1994. Christel Maass added the items from accession 2011-044 to the collection in May 2012, accession 2015-039 to the collection in May 2016, and accession 2016-018 in October 2016. Ashlie Biddle (supervised by Christel Maass) added accession 2016-038 to the collection in April 2017. Christel Maass added accession 2017-011 and 2017-012 to the collection in October 2017. Clare Ruedinger (supervised by Christel Maass) processed accession 2017-025 in March 2018. Shiraz Bhathena minimally processed accession 2017-041 in January 2020. Shiraz Bhathena processed the WTTW films in September 2020.