Actors Studio Recordings, 1956-1969

Scope and Content Note

These Actors Studio tape recordings span the years 1956 to 1969. the tape recordings are organized into four series: Works by Title; Untitled Works; Exercises, Improvisations, and Monologues; and Discussions, Welcomes, and Lectures.

Series 1, WORKS by TITLE is by far the largest series. Arranged alphabetically by title, the inventory shows which plays the Actors Studio worked on, the dates the readings were held, and the actors and actresses that participated in them.

UNTITLED WORKS is a short series of twelve tapes of scenes and excerpts from untitled works.

Series 3, EXERCISES, IMPROVISATIONS and MONOLOGUES is arranged chronologically.

The last series, DISCUSSIONS, WELCOMES, and LECTURES contains many discussions by Lee Strasberg. in addition there are lectures by Etienne Decroux and Cheryl Crawford and welcomes to the Comedie Francaise and the Moscow Art Theatre.

The numbering used by the Actors Studio has been retained: 1-191 are Actors' Unit tapes made from March, 1956 through June, 1962; D1-D38 are Directors' Unit tapes made from February, 1960 through June, 1961; and A1-A163 are Actors' Unit tapes made from November, 1963 through January, 1969.

Researchers are referred to Strasberg at the Actors Studio, Robert Hethmon, editor (New York: the Viking Press, 1965) for work done with the Actors Unit tapes.