Dore Schary Papers, circa 1920-1980

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Gulf News Reports. Scripts, 1960-1961
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Scope and Content Note: Scripts and some routine sheets for a series of special reports “designed for more complete coverage of the breaking news.” The specials varied in length from 15 minutes to an hour, and were all sponsored by the Gulf Oil Corporation, produced by Chet Hagan, directed by Bob Priaulx, and reported by Frank McGee and others.
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August 9, “NBC Special Report from the Congo”
September 10, “NBC News Special” (on Hurricane Donna and the Congo Crisis)
September 18, “The General Assembly”
September 19, “The General Assembly”
September 20, “The General Assembly”
September 22, “The General Assembly”
September 23, “The General Assembly”
September 26, “The General Assembly”
September 27, “The General Assembly”
September 28, “The General Assembly”
September 29, “The General Assembly”
September 30, “The General Assembly”
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October 1, “The General Assembly”
October 3, “The General Assembly”
October 5, “The General Assembly”
December 16, (Double plane crash, New York City)
December 17, (Plane crashes, New York City and Munich)
December 30, “Projection '61” (annual report of 12 top NBC News correspondents)
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January 2, “The Laotian Crisis”
January 10, “Tribute to a Patroit” (tribute to Dwight Eisenhower, narrated by James Stewart)
January 17, “The Texas Tower Disaster”
January 24, “Piracy in the Caribbean”
January 27, “Home from Moscow” (return of two RB-47 fliers held prisoner in Moscow)
January 31, “MR-2” (on chimpanzee sent into space)
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Folder   4
February 4, “Billion Dollar Bulge” (snowstorm in Northeastern United States)
February 4, “The Blizzard of '61”
February 13, “Lumumba: African Martyr?”
February 21, “Africa: Five Minutes to Twelve”
March 27, “Laos: Time for Decision”
Box   524
Folder   5
April 12, “Man Into Space” (Yuri Gagarin)
April 14, “Cosmonaut in Moscow” (Yuri Gagarin)
April 17, “Cuba: Island in Revolt”
April 22, “The Trouble Spots” (Cuba and Algeria)
April 30, “The Astronauts”
May 1, “May Day in Moscow”
May 8, “The Man of Freedom 7” (Alan Shepard)
May 22, “Alabama, U.S.A.” (racial violence)
May 24, “LBJ News Conference (upon his return from Asia)
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Folder   6
June 11, “Jacqueline Kennedy's Journey”
June 25, “Full of Peril--Bright with Hope” (South American trip of Adlai Stevenson)
July 10, “The Return of Gen. MacArthur”
July 16, “Official Report: MR-3” (Alan Shepard)
July 21, “The Flight of Liberty Bell” (Virgil “Gus” Grissom)
July 22, [Grissom News Conference]
July 25, “The President's Speech” (re: Berlin)
August 3, “The Great Plane Robery” (hijacking in El Paso)
August 18, “The Trial of Adolf Eichmann”
August 31, “Russian Pandora” (nuclear testing in Russia)
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Folder   7
September 10, “Hurricane Carla”
September 17, “A Question of War or Peace (UN Preview)”
September 18, “Death of a Statesman” (Dag Hammerskjold)
November 29, “Chimp in Orbit”
December 18, “Mission for Alliance” (Kennedy's trip to Venezuela and Colombia)
undated, “The Path to Space”