Dore Schary Papers, circa 1920-1980

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Series: Audio recordings
Audio   505A/1
The Birds : score
Audio   505A/2-6
Audio   505A/7
Jenny Kissed Me, performance at the Pasadena Playhouse, 1956 January 17
Audio   505A/8
Jenny Kissed Me, performance at the Pleasant Run Playhouse, St. Charles, Illinois, 1965 July 17
Audio   505A/9
Too Good to Be True, interview regarding play, 1963 March 12
Audio   505A/10
Please Don't Eat the Daisies, discussion of, and Kerr interview
Audio   505A/23
Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Doris Day
Audio   505A/11
PL Hayes and Mary H. on Poor Richard
Audio   505A/12
Walter Kerr interview
Audio   505A/13
Night Call, discussion with Judith Crist
Audio   505A/14
Leonard Probst interview on Tragedy and Comedy
Audio   505A/15
The Subject Is Theater Part 1, Academy Workshop of the ANTA Theatre by Walter Kerr
Audio   505A/16
Sing Out, Sweet Land, 1972 April 3
Audio   505A/17-20
Sing Out Sweet Land
Audio   505A/21
Goldilocks : musical score, tracks 1-10, 1958
Audio   505A/22
Goldilocks : musical score, tracks 11-13, 1958
Audio   505A/24-26
NBC Interview with Jean Kerr, 1956 January 28
Audio   505A/27
"Danny Boy" and "Old Man River," Tom Collins
Audio   505A/28
"Old Man River,""Danny Boy,""I Dreamed of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," and Irish folk songs, Tom Collins
Audio   505A/29
Piano solos, 1-2
Audio   505A/30
Piano solos, 3-4
Audio   505A/31
Piano solos, 5-6
Audio   505A/32
Piano solos, 7-8
Audio   505A/39-40
Walter Kerr reading/lecture, 1970 September 2
Audio   505A/41-43
"Who Makes Theater"
Audio   505A/44
"Who Makes Theatre?" : 2nd edition
Audio   505A/45
"What is Theater" #147521, 1970 December 2
Audio   505A/46
"What is Theater" #148067
Audio   505A/47
"What is Theater" #149260
Audio   505A/48
"What is Theatre" : 2nd edition
Audio   505A/49
"Keeping Up with the Times", 1971 March 8
Audio   505A/50
Walter Kerr lecture, 4th Annual American Theatre Festival, G.W. Post College Lecture, John Gossmer series 1971 April
Audio   505A/51
Experimental Theater : new version, 1971 May
Audio   505A/52
"Why Have Theater" #147579, 1971 May
Audio   505A/53-55
"Why Have Theater" #148376, 1971 May
Audio   505A/56
"Why Have Theater" #148765 : final cassette form, 1971 May
Audio   505A/57
"Why Theatre" “Mock-Up Dub”
Audio   505A/58
"Architecture of Theatre" #148830
Audio   505A/59
"The Theatre Today"
Audio   505A/60
"The Theatre Today" : final, 1971 August 11
Audio   505A/61
"Inside Drama" : pilot, 1971 October 28
Audio   505A/62
"Inside the Play" : pilot, 1971 October 28
Audio   505A/63
"How to Judge Theatre", edited 1971 October 19
Audio   505A/64
"How to Judge Theatre"
Audio   505A/65
"How to Judge Theatre", 1971 October 29
Audio   505A/66
"The Changing Theatre", 1971 October 29
Audio   505A/67
"Final Retape," : “first half of #1“ 1971 November 23
Audio   505A/68
"At Issue," The Theatre of Audience Participation
Audio   505A/69-72
"Who Makes Theatre"
Audio   505A/73
"How Scenes are Made"
Audio   505A/74-75
Walter Kerr lecture, Austin, Texas
Audio   505A/76
W. Sarogan[?]
Audio   505A/77
Hello Dolly, "Golly Gee Fellas"
Audio   505A/78
Black Ethics and Expressions / Paul Robeson