Dore Schary Papers, circa 1920-1980

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Disc 32A
Series: Disc Recordings
Note: The first twelve albums listed below contain recordings of which one side at least contains a song by J. Fred Coots. Album #13 contains miscellaneous home recordings, and Album #14 contains twelve-inch recordings of a diverse nature.
Disc 32A/1
“Apple Pie Guy”
Disc 32A/2
“At the Bottom of the Hill”/“I'm Thru Saying I'm Thru”
Disc 32A/3
“Arkansas”/“The Last Time I Saw Mary”
Disc 32A/4
“Balalaika Boogie”
Disc 32A/5
“The Beautiful Girls of Vienna”/“The Little Ballerina”
Disc 32A/6
“A Beautiful Lady in Blue”/“I'm Madly in Love with You”
Disc 32A/7
“The Bluest Word I Know Is Lonesome”/“I'll Never Let You Cry”
Disc 32A/8
“A Boy in Buckskin”
Disc 32A/9
“Burn Fire Wood Burn”/“When I Wanna Woo”
Disc 32A/10
“Cannot Tell You Why”/“Here Lies Love”
Disc 32A/11
“Camp Meetin'”/“One More Tear”
Disc 32A/12
“Copper Colored Gal”/“The Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Swing”
Disc 32A/13
“Cross Your Fingers”/“May I Say I Love You”
Disc 32A/14
“Dancing and Dreaming”/“The Breeze”
Disc 32A/15
“Doin' the Racoon”/“It Goes Like This”
Disc 32A/16
“Dream Shadows”/“Hollywood Holiday”
Disc 32A/17
“Dream Time”/“The Scene Changes”
Disc 32A/18
“Du Bist Mine Kleiner Tzotzkelluh”/“Darling You Make It So”
Disc 32A/19
“Encore Cherie”/“(It Only Takes) A Little Imagination”
Disc 32A/20
“Encore, Cherie”/“Dream Girl”
Disc 32A/21
“Encore, Cherie”/“The Dickey-Bird Song”
Disc 32A/22
“Encore, Cherie”/“Baby Face”
Disc 32A/23
“For All We Know”/“Say It”
Disc 32A/24
“For All We Know”/“Nature Boy”
Disc 32A/25
“Fortune Tellin' Man”/“The Lady Is a Tramp”
Disc 32A/26
“Frisco Flo”/“The Hi-De-Ho Miracle Man”
Disc 32A/27
“Gloria's Birthday Party”
Disc 32A/28
“Goodbye Mama (I'm Off to Yokohama)”/“You're a Sap, Mr. Jap”
Disc 32A/29
“Hansel and Gretel”
Disc 32A/30
“Hawaiian Eyes”/“Susquehanna Shore”
Disc 32A/31
“He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney”/“Christmas Chopsticks”
Disc 32A/32
“Here Comes My Ball and Chain”/“Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You?”
Disc 32A/33
“Hi-De-Ho Romeo”/“Moon at Sea”
Disc 32A/34
“Home Town Blues”/“You May Be “Fast” But Your Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down”
Disc 32A/35
“How My Sweetie Loves Me”/“If You'll Come Back”
Disc 32A/36
“I Adore Eleanor”/“Because I Love You”
Disc 32A/37
“I Can't Rub You Out of My Eyes”/“It's Sad, But True”
Disc 32A/38
“I Beg Your Pardon”
Disc 32A/39
“I Can't Believe It Was All Make Believe”/“My Melancholy Baby”
Disc 32A/40
“I Knew You When”/“Infatuation”
Disc 32A/41
“I Lost My Job Again”/“Chickery Chick”
Disc 32A/42
“I Love You”
Disc 32A/43
“I Still Get a Thrill”/“Mam'selle”
Disc 32A/44
“I Still Get a Thrill”
Disc 32A/45
“I Want a Girl Like Annie Laurie”
Disc 32A/46
“I'd Like to Find You in My Stocking”/“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Disc 32A/47
“If I Loved You More”/“Like a Monkey Likes Coconuts”
Disc 32A/48
“If I Should Love Again”/“Please Play Our Song”
Disc 32A/49
“I'll Stand By”/“Love Came Out of the Night”
Disc 32A/50
“I'll Wait for You Forever”/“Quality Folks”
Disc 32A/51
“I'll Wait for You Forever”/“I'm Home Again”
Disc 32A/52
“I'm Afraid to Love You”/“The Smile of a Clown”
Disc 32A/53
“I'm Always in the Mood for You”/“She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific”
Disc 32A/54
“I'm Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar”/“Blue Eyes”
Disc 32A/55
“I'm Grateful to You”/“Why Do I Lie to Myself about You?”
Disc 32A/56
“I'm Grateful to You”/“Where There's You There's Me”
Disc 32A/57
“I'm Madly in Love with You”/“Miss Hallelujah Brown”
Disc 32A/58
“I'm Madly in Love with You”/“Zee Leetle Man with de Big Sombrero”
Disc 32A/59
“I'm Madly in Love with You”
Disc 32A/60
“In My Estimation of You”/“What's the Name of That Song”
Disc 32A/61
“Innocent Eyes”/“Say It Again”
Disc 32A/62
“Is It Just a Summer Romance?”/“That's What You Think”
Disc 32A/63
“Isn't Love the Strangest Thing?”/“I Nearly Let You Slip Through My Fingers”
Disc 32A/64
“Isn't Love the Strangest Thing?”/“No Greater Love”
Disc 32A/65
“It Don't Mean a Thing without You”/“When My Dreams Come True”
Disc 32A/66
“It Looks Like an Early Fall”/“Something to Remember”
Disc 32A/67
“It Never Dawned on Me”/“When the Leaves Bid the Trees Goodbye”
Disc 32A/68
“It Was the Dawn of Love”
Disc 32A/69
“It Was the Dawn of Love”/“The Church Bells Are Ringing for Mary”
Disc 32A/70
“It Was the Dawn of Love”/“What D'ya Say”
Disc 32A/71
“It's Too Late Now”/“You're So Understanding”
Disc 32A/72
“It's Wonderful to Be in Love Again”/“I've Got My Arms Wrapped Around a Rainbow”
Disc 32A/73
“Just Another Kiss”/“When Dreams Come True”
Disc 32A/74
“Let's Be Friends”
Disc 32A/75
“Let's Make Memories Tonight”/“Why Let a Lie Break Your Heart?”
Disc 32A/76
“Let's Stop the Clock”/“Romance Runs in the Family”
Disc 32A/77
“Let's Stop the Clock”/“Little Sir Echo”
Disc 32A/78
“Little Johnny Chicadee”/“Tweedle-Dee the Clown”
Disc 32A/79
“Little Johnny Chicadee”/“He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney”
Disc 32A/80
“Little Polly Parakeet”
Disc 32A/81
“Little Sally One-Shoe”/“Hatchy Malatchy”
Disc 32A/82
“Love Did a Mombo”
Disc 32A/83
“Me and My Teddy Bear”/“I Found My Mama”
Disc 32A/84
“Mama Nicolini”/“You're So Simpatico”
Disc 32A/85
“Mine to Love”
Disc 32A/86
“Mexican Sombrero Dance”/“Music Box Fantasy”
Disc 32A/87
“Moonlight Madness”/“Nagasaki”
Disc 32A/88
“Moonlight Madness”/“If You Won't Love Me”
Disc 32A/89
“Moonlight Madness”/“King for a Day”
Disc 32A/90
“Moonlight Madness”/“Ten Little Miles from Town”
Disc 32A/91
“Moonlight Madness”/“Revenge”
Disc 32A/92
“My Day Begins and Ends with You”/“A Blues Serenade”
Disc 32A/93
“My Hawaiian Melody”/“Little Girl”
Disc 32A/94
“My Hawaiian Melody”/“Hawaii”
Disc 32A/95
“My Little Dream Boat”/“If I Could Look Into Your Eyes”
Disc 32A/96
“Not Yet Suzette”/“Lonesome”
Disc 32A/97
“Whose Izzy Is He, Is He Yours or Is He Mine?”/“Not Yet Suzette”
Disc 32A/98
“One More Dream”/“Feelin' High and Happy”
Disc 32A/99
“Our Escapade”
Disc 32A/100
“Poor Ballerina”/“Make-Believe Island”
Disc 32A/101
“Poor Ballerina”/“Let There Be Love”
Disc 32A/102
“A Precious Little Thing Called Love”/“Me and My Shadow”
Disc 32A/103
“A Precious Little Thing Called Love”/“I Faw Down and Go Boom”
Disc 32A/104
“The Promenade Walk”/“Cecilia”
Disc 32A/105
“The Promenade Walk”/“Sugar Plum”
Disc 32A/106
“Row, Row with Roosevelt”
Disc 32A/107
“Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town”/“Jingle Bells”
Disc 32A/108
“Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town”/“Jingle Bells”
Disc 32A/109
“Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town”/“Jingle Bells”
Disc 32A/110
“The Schenley Serenade”/“The Blatz Beer Boogie”
Disc 32A/111
“The Sidewalk Waltz”/“When It's Lamp Lightin' Time in the Valley”
Disc 32A/112
“Sippin' Cider with My Ida”
Disc 32A/113
“Summer Souvenirs”/“Zigzag”
Disc 32A/114
“There Goes My Runaway Heart”
Disc 32A/115
“There's a New World A-Comin'”/“A Son of God's Country”
Disc 32A/116
“There's Honey on the Moon Tonight”/“On the Bumpy Road to Love”
Disc 32A/117
“Things Might Have Been So Different”/“Why Have a Fallin' Out?”
Disc 32A/118
“This Time It's Love”/“You or No One”
Disc 32A/119
“This Time It's Love”/“To-Morrow”
Disc 32A/120
“Time of the Evening”
Disc 32A/121
Disc 32A/122
“Unidentified Song”/“Trade Me Your Heart”
Disc 32A/123
“Two Tickets to Georgia”/“Linger a Little Longer in the Twilight”
Disc 32A/124
“Under Your Window”/“In the Dark of the Moon”
Disc 32A/125
“Until Today”/“Knock, Knock, Who's There?”
Disc 32A/126
“Wait Till I Catch You in My Dreams”/“I'll Pray For You”
Disc 32A/127
“The Wedding of Jack and Jill”
Disc 32A/128
“When It's Lilac Time in Tokio”/“Dear Little Boy of Mine”
Disc 32A/129
“Whistle in the Rain”/“When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobin' Along”
Disc 32A/130
“The White Heather”/“Weeping Willow Lane”
Disc 32A/131
“The White Heather”/“Carolina Sunshine”
Disc 32A/132
“Who Loves You?”/“Did You Mean It?”
Disc 32A/133
“Who'll Tie the Bell?”/“The Syncopated Clock”
Disc 32A/134
“Why Let a Lie”/“Young and Foolish”
Disc 32A/135
“Why Let a Lie”
Disc 32A/136
“You Don't Have to Drop a Heart to Break It”/“Around the World”
Disc 32A/137
“You Go to My Head”/“I Can't Face the Music”
Disc 32A/138
“You Go to My Head”/“Deep in My Heart Dear”
Disc 32A/139
“You Go to My Head”/“I Don't Know Why”
Disc 32A/140
“You Happened to Me”
Disc 32A/141
“You Started Me Dreaming”/“Robins and Roses”
Disc 32A/142
“You'll Be There”
Disc 32A/143
“You're So Simpatico”/“I'll Shut Out Love”
Disc 32A/144
“Yours Truly Is Truly Yours”/“Wah-Hoo”
Disc 32A/145
“Yours Truly Is Truly Yours”/“The Touch of Your Lips”
Miscellaneous Home Recordings
Disc 32A/146
Abbott and Costello
Disc 32A/147
Abbott and Costello/Walter Winchell
Disc 32A/148
Jack Benny
Disc 32A/149
Christmas Eve at the Coots Home/“Boccacio”
Note: See Royalty Contracts for “Boccacio”
Disc 32A/150
Disc 32A/151
Disc 32A/152
Raymond Gram Swing [Analysis of German Attack on Russia, 1941 June]
Disc 32A/153
Kraft Music Hall (Bing Crosby and Kay Kaiser
Disc 32A/154
The J. Fred Coots Melody
Disc 32A/155
Fred Allen/“Do You Care?”
Twelve Inch Recordings
Disc 32A/156
“Control Yourself”
Disc 32A/157
“God's Everything” and “In the Land of Lemonade and Lollipops”/Bill Stern Commercials
Disc 32A/158
“If I Should Love Again”
Disc 32A/159
“I'll Come to You”
Disc 32A/160
“It's Never Too Warm to Wear Mink”
Disc 32A/161
“Gems from Madam Sherry”/“Gems from the Quaker Girl”
Disc 32A/162
Lou and Dave Marx Birthday Party [The Toy Tycoons; Imitations of Fred Allen, Charles Boyer, Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper]
Disc 32A/163
“Me and My Pussy Cat”
Disc 32A/164
“Oh, Lady, Lady”/“The Rainbow Girl”
Disc 32A/165
“On the Trail”/“Peals on Velvet”
Disc 32A/166
Record of TV Show, WJZ (New York), 1950 May 12--Performances of “Tonight” [by Coots]
Disc 32A/167
“You'll Be There”
Disc 32A/168
“With God's Hand in Mine”
Disc 32A/169
“You're So Simpatico”