Dore Schary Papers, circa 1920-1980

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Series: Sheet Music
Box   8
Scope and Content Note

Songs represented in Box 8 include “Absent Minded Flo”; “After All”; “After the Clouds Roll By”; “Ah, But I've Learned”; “All Suit: No Man”; “Always in My Heart”; “Another Night”

“Beany the Bunny”; “Beautiful Girls”; “Better for Both of Us”; “Better Think Twice”; “Blue Hour”

“Cameo a la Francaise”; “Camp Camp Campin' on Your Doorstep”; “Charlie's Home”; “Chiquette”; “Collegiate Sam”; “Cross Your Fingers”

“Dancing and Dreaming”; “Deauville”; “Doin' the Suzy-Q”; “Don't Fall in Love with Me”; “Don't Say It if You Don't Mean It”; “Down the Road To Maryland”; “Dream Shadows”; “Don't Throw Me Down”; “Dream Time”; “The Drumstick Parade”

“Easter Nocturne”; “Everything's Ok with Me”; “Eyeful of You”

“Falling in Love with You”; “Fascinating Lady”; “Flappers on Parade”; “Flexatone”; “For All We Know”; “Frisco Flo”; “From Forest to Flowers (In Just Eight Hours)” [Respectfully Dedicated to Eastern Air Lines]

“The Girl in the Front Porch Swing”; “Go South Young Man”; “God Is My Friend”; “Golden Gates Of Happiness”; “Goodbye Again”; “Goodbye Mama (I'm Off to Yokohama)”; “Good Luck, Sweetheart”; “Gosh Darn”

“Heart of a Rose”; “Here Come the Clowns”; “Here Comes My Ball and Chain”; “Here's Hoping”; “Here's to the Flag”; “Hi-De-Ho Miracle Man”; “The Highland Swing”; “Hilltop Haven”; “Home Town Blues”; “Honey Be My Honey Bee”; “A Hot Dog, a Blanket and You”; “How I've Missed You Mary”; “How My Sweetie Loves Me”

“I Believe in Santa Claus”; “I Cannot Tell You Why”; “I Knew You When”; “ I Lost My Job Again”; “I Miss a Little Miss”; “I Should Have Known Better”; “I Wonder Who's Under the Moon with You, Tonight”; “I Wonder Why”; “If I Were You”; “I'll Keep on Dreaming of You”; “I'll Stand By”; “I'll Wait for You”; “I'm Down to My Last Dream”; “I'm at the Mercy of Love”; “I'm Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar”; “I'm Gonna Tie Myself to Dixie with the Mason Dixon Line”; “I'm Madly in Love with You”; “I'm on the Right Side of the Right Girl Now”; “I'm Only Making Believe”; “I'm Referin' Just to Her'n and Me”; “I'm Still Yours”; “I'm That Way Over You”; “I'm Thirsty for Kisses, Hungry for Love”; “I'm Yours”; “In a Little Roadside Rendezvous”; “In My Estimation of You”; “In My Little Red Book”; “In Sweetheart Time”; “In the Land of Lemonade and Lollipops”; “In the Candle Light”; “Innocent Eyes”; ”Is It Just a Summer Romance”; “It Never Dawned on Me”; “It Was the Dawn of Love”; “It Was Written in the Stars”; “It's Gettin' the Best of Me”; “It's Mating Time”; “It's You I Love”; “I've Got a Watch”

“Jean, the Campus Queen”; “Jimmie”; “Just Another Kiss”; “Just to Make a Long Story Short”

“The Kiss That Made a Fool Out of Me”

“Lady; Let's Dream”; “Let's Stop the Clock”; “Lilies of the Field”; “Liliput” [sic]; “A Little Bit of Happiness”; “A Little Robin Told Me So”; “Lost (Without You)”; “Louisiana”; “Love Me Fortissimo”; “A Love Tale of Alsace-Lorraine”; “Lucita”

“Mama Nicolini”; “Mary (I'm in Love with You)”; “Me and My Teddy Bear”; “Mine to Love”; “Moonlight Madness”; “The Moonlight Parade”; “The Music Making Man”; “My Carolina Hideaway”; “My Day Begins and Ends with You”; “My Dream Song”; “My Little Dream Boat”; “My Little Swanee Sue”; “My Middle Name Is Love”; “My Rose”; “My Topic of Conversation Is You”

“The Newport Glide”; “No One As Lucky As Me”; “Not Yet Suzette”

“Old Fashioned Gown”; “Old Fireplace”; “On a Chill-Chill-Chilly Night”; “One Little Drink-0 I Go Boom”; “One Minute to One”; “One More Dream”; “One More Tear over You”; “Oriental Memories”; “Out Where the Moonbeams Are Born”

“Pastel for Piano”; “Picketing the Old Plantation”; “Poor Ballerina”; “The Promenade Walk”

“The Rangers Victory Song”; “Red Hot and Blue Rhythm”; “Remembering You”; “The Road of Dreams”; “Romany Rover”; “Round Evening”

“Sail with Simmons (And See the Sea)”; “Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town”; “Savage Rhythm”; “Say Something”; “Sharing”; “She Said No! No! No! in November”; “She's a Gorgeous Thing”; “She's So Nice”; “The Sidewalk Waltz”; “Sleepytime Soldier Boy”; “Somewhere East of Sunrise”; “Sort o' Lonesome”; “Southland Serenade”; “Speakin' of the Devil”; “Starlight Enchantment”; “Stella; Strangers”; “Style”; “Sunday”; “Sweet Cuban Love”; “Sweet Dreams”; “Sweetheart of Sweet Sixteen”; “Swiss Yodeler Waltz”

“Take a Little Stroll with Me”; “Take My Kiss to Dreamland with You”; “Tell Me with Tulips”; “That's Me Without You”; “That's the Meaning of Love Dear to Me”; “The More I Know You”; “That's What You Mean to Me”; “There's a Little Bit of Devil in Your Angel Eyes”; “There's a New World A-Comin'”; “There's a Robin Round the Corner”; “There's Honey on the Moon Tonight”; “There's Something in Sympathy”; “Things Might Have Been So Different”; “This Time It's Love”; “Tie a Rainbow Round Your Heart”; “Tillie the Toiler”; “Time Will Tell”; “To Be with You”; “Tomorrow's Another Day”; “Trying to Forget”

“Under a Shady Tree with You”; “Under Your Window”

“Venetian Wedding Moon”; “Vilma”

“Wasn't It Fate”; “We Only Love Once”; “What Do I Have to Do”; “When?”; “When a Regular Boy Loves a Regular Girl”; “When Love Grows Cold”; “When My Baby Talks That Double-Talk to Me”; “When the Teddy Bears Go Marching on Parade”; “When You First Ate an Olive”; “Where Are You Tonight”; “Whistle in the Rain”; “Whispering Trees”; “White Rose--Red Rose”; “Who Loves You”; “Whose Honey Are You?”; “Why?”; “Why Is Love?”; “Why Should We Be Wasting Time?”; “Won't You Please Help Me Find My Little Heinie?”; “Wrap Up Your Dreams in the Red, White and Blue”

“You Bet I Do”; “You Can Bet Your Life It's Love”; “You Never Can Tell About Love”; “You Oughta No”; “You'll Get By”; “You're a Darlin'”; “You're a Mystery to Me”; “You're Everything Beautiful”; “You're Just Another Memory”; “You're Mine in My Memories”; “Yours Truly Is Truly Yours”

Box   9
Box   9
Folio Music
Box   9
French Songs
Box   9
Music Hall Songs, circa 1910
Box   9
Songs sung by J. Fred Coots (i.e., the covers of which bear his photograph)
Box   9
If I Were Queen vocal score
Box   9
Sitting Pretty vocal score and script
Volume   1
Coots's sheet music, season of 1922-1923
Scope and Content Note: Includes Spice of 1922, Hello Everybody, and Sally, Irene and Mary.