Anita McCormick Blaine Additional Papers Received in 1971, 1850-1958

Summary Information
Title: Anita McCormick Blaine Additional Papers Received in 1971
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1958

  • Blaine, Anita McCormick
Call Number: McCormick Mss 5E

Quantity: 39.2 cubic feet (98 archives boxes and 1 volume)

Archival Locations:
Wisconsin Historical Society (Map)

Papers of Chicago philanthropist Anita Blaine, received from her granddaughter in 1971, composed of diaries, some of her most private correspondence, information relating to her own estate and those of her husband and son, and papers of her husband and son.


Forms part of the McCormick Collection.

Language: English

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Scope and Content Note

This material overlaps in subject matter with that of McCormick Series 1E and 2E. The correspondents include numerous family members, lawyers Cyrus and Richard Bentley and Edwin Cassels, and various individuals involved in caring for Stanley McCormick. Also present are papers on the McCormick Historical Association, on Nettie Fowler McCormick, and on the Nettie Fowler McCormick Biographical Association.

The papers of Anita's husband, Emmons Blaine, are limited in amount due to his early death in 1892. They include business correspondence; financial records; letters from Anita, his father (James G. Blaine) and mother, and others; and press clippings. Letters and business records of the Blaines' son, Emmons Jr., who was educated at Harvard University and chose agriculture in Wisconsin as a career, are much more extensive. His death in 1918 at the age of twenty-eight left Anita to carry on the operation of his Milford Meadows Stock Farm, Lake Mills, Wisconsin, through agents until 1947, at which time she gave it and a trust fund to the University of Wisconsin.

In addition, the papers include correspondence with Anita's only grandchild, Anne (Nancy) Blaine, the wife of Gilbert A. Harrison, editor of the New Republic. Many records appear concerning conferences among Mrs. Harrison, lawyers, and secretaries in the years just preceding and following the death of Mrs. Blaine.

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Administrative/Restriction Information
Acquisition Information

Presented by Anne Blaine Harrison, September 1971.

Contents List
McCormick Mss 5E
Series: Anita McCormick Blaine
General, circa 1903-1957
Box   1
Adams, Robert McCormick to Bentley, Cyrus
Box   2
Bentley, Cyrus (continued)
Box   3
Bentley, Cyrus, history of Stanley McCormick case
Box   4-5
Bentley, Cyrus, memo regarding Stanley McCormick case
Box   6
Bentley, Richard to Brush, Nathaniel H.
Box   7
Buckner, Emery R. to Cassels, Edwin Henry
Box   8
Cassels, Edwin Henry (continued) to Coleman, Cyril
Box   9
Coleman, Cyril (continued) to Hoskins, R.G.
Box   10-14
Hubbard, Muriel McCormick (Mrs. Elisha Dyer), correspondence, court papers, press clippings, 1943-1948
Box   15
Ingham, Dr. to Lawrence, John B.
Box   16
Lee, Roger L. to McCormick, Harold Fowler
Note: Includes one folder of Cyrus H. McCormick II (Jr.), 1903-1934.
Box   17-18
McCormick, Harold Fowler (continued), including letters regarding Ganna Walska, to McCormick, Mrs. Robert Sanderson (Katherine Medill)
Box   19
McCormick, Stanley, correspondence and history
Box   20
McCormick, Mrs. Stanley (Katherine Dexter) to Plimpton, Francis T.P.
Note: Includes four folders of Adolph Meyer, 1908-1941.
Box   21
Plimpton, Francis T.P. (continued) to Russell, Ernest F.
Box   22
Russell, Ernest F. (continued) to U.S. Treasury Department (taxes)
Box   23
Walker, Grace T. to Wyman, Austin L.
Box   24
Wyman, Austin L. (continued) to Young, Arthur and Company
Box   25
Young, Arthur and Company (continued)
Note: Mrs. Blaine's correspondence, notebooks, and personal memoranda. Originals and copies. See also Diaries, Box 88-98.
Box   26
Box   27
Box   28
Note: Includes family history regarding Stanley McCormick.
Box   29
Box   30
Box   31
1930-1932 May
Box   32
1932 June-December
Box   33
1933-1940 April
Box   34
1940 May-1941
Box   35
Box   36
Note: Later dates concern gifts and taxes.
Box   37
Letters regarding Anita McCormick Blaine
Box   37
Letters taken from the Nettie Fowler McCormick Papers in years past and given to Anne (Nancy) Blaine Harrison
Note: Small group of original personal and family letters, many of them private.
Box   37
Photocopies of both personal and business letters regarding Mrs. Blaine, her life, and activities
Note: Large folder. Originals retained by Anne (Nancy) Blaine Harrison.
Box   37
Photocopies of letters from Nancy while she was a student at Vassar, 1936-1938
Note: Large folder. Originals retained by Mrs. Harrison.
Box   38
Bequests, etc.
Box   38
Box   38
Foundation for World Government
Box   38
Foundation and estate, including letters from Brown Brothers, Harrison, and Company
Box   38
Box   39
McCormick Historical Association, including investigation of a possible place to which to give the McCormick Collection, 1950-1954
Box   39
Nettie Fowler McCormick mailing lists, biography, and Biographical Association
Box   40
Nettie Fowler McCormick personal property
Box   40
Real estate
Box   40
Will and trustees meeting
Box   40
Business, 1950
Box   40
Miscellaneous, 1951-1952
Box   40
Correspondence regarding 1953-1954
Box   41
Estate, 1954-1958
Note: Some miscellaneous letters from Mrs. Blaine are in the folder at the back of this box.
Box   42
Estate, 1951-1958
Diaries and memoranda books
Note: True diaries become less common after 1910. Thereafter many volumes, varying greatly in size and content, are jotted reminder books, including random thoughts.
Box   88
Box   89
Box   90
Box   91
Box   92
Instructions regarding Emmons Jr.'s meals and care when he was ill, 1899-1900
Memoranda and philosophical ideas and thoughts
Box   93
Box   94
Box   95
Box   96
Box   97
Box   98
Selections from the ideas and thoughts recorded in the memoranda books (Box 93-97), 1902-1949
Note: No indication of who made the selections, or for what purpose.
Series: Emmons Blaine
Note: Papers of Mrs. Blaine's husband, deceased 1892.
Box   43
Business correspondence, 1891-1892
Box   43
Cash book, 1889-1890
Box   43
Expense book, 1889-1891
Box   44
Accounts, ledgers, check book stubs, 1889-1892
Box   44
Estate, 1892
Box   44
Personal letters from Anita McCormick Blaine to Emmons, 1889-1892
Box   45
Correspondence of Emmons Blaine, 1869-1891
Box   45
Press clippings at time of death, 1892
Box   46-54
Letters to Emmons Blaine from others
Note: Filed alphabetically by correspondent. Includes four folders, 1850-1892, from his father, James G. Blaine, and many folders of letters from his mother.
Series: Emmons Blaine Jr.
Note: Papers of Mrs. Blaine's son, deceased 1918.
Received, circa 1912-1918
Box   55
Abercrombie and Fitch Company to Baker, Phil
Box   56
Bakhmetieff, Boris A. to Blaine, Anita McCormick
Box   57
Blaine, Anita McCormick (continued) to Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Box   58
Bowan, Joseph T. to Cooke, Flora J.
Box   59
Collidge, Mrs. Charles A. to Fridolin, Julius
Box   60
Friedberg, Stanton A. to Harvard University
Box   61
Harvard University (continued) to Keller, Herbert A.
Box   62
Kenney, Frank D. to McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus H., Jr. (Harriet Hammond)
Box   63
McCormick, Cyrus III to Milford Meadows Stock Farm
Box   64
Milford Meadows Stock Farm to Peterson, Marie
Box   65
Phillips Exeter Academy to Sippy, Bertram W.
Box   66
Sitz, H. J. to Union Society of the Civil War
Box   67
United Charities of Chicago to YMCA
Box   68
Sent, 1896-1918
Business records
Box   69-73
Business records and estate information
Note: These records include a total of 22 volumes exclusive of check stub books and bank deposit books, plus one oversize volume on the shelf.
Box   74
Diaries and appointment books, 1901-1916
Box   75
Drawings and sketches
Box   75
Insurance and legal papers
Box   76
Box   76-87
School materials
Note: 80 folders. School notebooks have not been counted as volumes.