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1) Title: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls and Assessment Rolls, 1910-2000
Creator: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Treasurer
Quantity: circa 88.0 c.f. (circa 583 volumes) and 359 sheets of microfiche
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 15
Abstract: Tax and assessment rolls for real and personal property. For real property, the rolls show name of owner, land description, assessed valuation, taxes and charges assessed, and amount paid. For personal property, the rolls provide name of owner, type and value of property, amount of taxes and charges assessed, and amount and date paid. Records are present for every fifth year only.
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2) Title: Charles Heymanns Papers, 1847-1990 (bulk 1934-1980)
Creator: Heymanns, Charles, 1901-1993
Quantity: 4.0 c.f. (13 archives boxes), 1 reel of microfilm (35 mm), and 52 photographs (4 folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 148; PH Milwaukee Mss 148; PH Milwaukee Mss 148 (3); Micro 2045; Milwaukee Micro 72
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1934-1980, of Wisconsin labor leader Charles Heymanns, which document his organizing work (1937-1963) for the Wisconsin AFL and later for the AFL-CIO, and two lengthy strikes at the Kohler Company. In addition to his weekly organizer's reports, the collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks (only available on microfilm), photographs, minutes, appeals for donations, financial records, picket rolls, and other records from the strike (1934-1941) of Federal Labor Union 18545 against the Kohler Company. Concerning the 1954-1965 strike of UAW-CIO Local 833, there are scrapbooks, correspondence as director of Region XII of the AFL-CIO, daily strike bulletins, and material of the Kohler Workers Association, the company union. The subject files include correspondence, clippings, minutes, and other materials pertaining to varied individuals, topics and organizations such as the American Party, Andrew Biemiller, the presidential candidacy of Henry M. Jackson, various state and regional COPE committees, the Sheboygan County Labor Council, the Milwaukee County Labor Council, the La Crosse Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman, and the organization of migrant farm workers in Wisconsin by Obreros Unidos.
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3) Title: Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County) Naturalization Records, 1851-1982
Creator: Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County)
Quantity: 27.0 c.f. (16 card index boxes, 30 archives boxes, 3 flat boxes, and 51 volumes)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 8
Abstract: Records of naturalization proceedings in the Circuit Court of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Records include Indexes to Declarations, Petitions, and Certificates (1851-circa 1981); Declarations of Intention (1860-1978); Petitions for Citizenship (1857-1980); Naturalization Certificates (1851-1906) and Certificate Stubs (1907-1926); and Ancillary Materials (1911-1982).
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4) Title: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Register of Deeds: Grantor/Grantee Indexes, 1839-1888
Creator: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Register of Deeds
Quantity: 7 reels of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 25
Abstract: Index to Sheboygan County deeds (Sheboygan Series 26) containing names of grantors (sellers) and grantees (purchasers) noted in real estate deeds. Shows date and time the deed was recorded, names of grantor and grantee, type of instrument, description of the property, and volume and page number of the deed record where the instrument is recorded.
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5) Title: Carl Otte Papers,1970-1986
Creator: Otte, Carl, 1923-
Quantity: 7.8 c.f. (20 archives boxes) and photographs
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 124; PH 3910; PH 3911
Abstract: Papers, mainly 1983-1986, of a former Democratic legislator (Assembly 1967-1982; Senate, 1982-1986) consisting of alphabetical subject files and files on problems of individual constituents. The subject files contain correspondence and memoranda from constituents, colleagues, advocacy groups, and staff members; speeches and statements; policy papers and reports; minutes; and clippings. They relate to legislative issues such as education, nursing homes, and taxes and to committees on which Otte served including the Senate Transportation Committee, the Migrant Labor Council, and the Legislative Council's Special Committee on Primary Prevention.
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6) Title: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Register of Deeds: Deeds, 1838-1919
Creator: Sheboygan County (Wis.). Register of Deeds
Quantity: 37 reels of microfilm (35 mm)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 26
Abstract: Documents showing conveyance of real estate, primarily deeds, 1838-1887. Entries show names of persons involved in land transfer, legal description of land, and amount paid. Includes Volumes A-W and 1-56. There is no “Volume J” and Volume 27 is tax deeds only.
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7) Title: Church and Cemetery Records (Genealogical Society of Utah Project): Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, 1839-1987
Quantity: 13 reels of microfilm (35mm)
Call Number: Milwaukee Micro 68
Abstract: Copies of records of numerous churches and cemeteries in Sheboygan County, Wis., microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in cooperation with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Representing various denominations, the records usually consist of membership and sacramental record books.
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8) Title: Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County): Minute Books, 1846-1962
Creator: Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County)
Quantity: 6.0 c.f. (23 volumes)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 10
Abstract: Minute books of Circuit Court proceedings containing a brief outline of all actions taken in open court.
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9) Title: Wisconsin. County Court (Sheboygan County): Sanity Proceedings, 1898-1953
Creator: Wisconsin. County Court (Sheboygan County)
Quantity: 8.0 c.f. (24 volumes)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 16
Abstract: Bound volumes containing the petition for judicial inquiry; order appointing medical examiners; report of medical examiners; personal and family history; physical and mental examination results; and the adjudication of insanity and order for commitment.
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10) Title: Lyndon (Sheboygan County, Wis. : Town). Clerk: Records, 1849-1978
Creator: Lyndon (Sheboygan County, Wis. : Town). Clerk
Quantity: 3.0 c.f. (22 volumes)
Call Number: Sheboygan Series 24
Abstract: Records consisting of Clerk's general record books, 1849-1967; Treasurer's account books, 1883-1978; election records, 1868-1907; Justice of the Peace dockets, 1858-1926, and a highway record, 1868-1901. Volume 1, page 199 contains the proceedings of a special meeting held on June 15, 1861, recording the townspeople's reactions to the outbreak of the Civil War.
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11) Title: UW-Milwaukee Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Records, 1956-2017
Creator: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Quantity: 149.3 cubic ft. (152 boxes); 92 digital files (8.72 GB); approximately 99 web captures; plus additions of 3.6 cubic ft. (3 boxes)
Call Numbers: UWM Archival Collection 12; Accession 2001-114; Accession 2011-005; Accession 2022-002
Abstract: Consists of the vice provost's (1956-1965), vice chancellor's (1965-2004), and Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (1993-2011) files. There are few records from the tenures of George Parkinson (1956-1958) and Charles Vevier (1963-1965). The volume of records created increased after Vevier became vice chancellor in 1965, but most of the records were created in the 1970s through the 1990s by Vice Chancellors William Walters, Norma Rees, John Schroeder, and Kenneth Watters. A large number of records from the 1970s to the 2010s have been added to the collection from Provost and Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs Kenneth L. Watters, John Wanat, and Rita Cheng.

The majority of the collection documents the vice chancellor's administration of the academic affairs of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and its centers, colleges, and schools. The records concern academic affairs; academic programs; affirmative action; campus planning; centers, colleges and schools; community and teacher education; computing; cooperative programs; ethnic studies and programs; faculty and academic staff; medical education; student affairs; and women's issues.

The offices best documented in the collection include Academic Affairs; College of Engineering and Applied Science; College of Letters & Science; Computing Services Division; Division of Urban Outreach; Golda Meir Library; Graduate School; College of Health Sciences; School of Architecture and Urban Planning; School of Business Administration; School of Education; School of Fine Arts; School of Information Studies; College of Nursing; and School of Social Welfare.
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12) Title: Founding Industries of Wisconsin (Survey Project) Records, 1987-2006
Creator: Founding Industries of Wisconsin (Survey Project)
Quantity: 20 cubic ft. (50 boxes); 1 database (15.5 MB)
Call Number: UWM Manuscript Collection 41
Abstract: The collection contains files on over 5,000 Wisconsin businesses, each of which employed more than 100 employees. The information was solicited, collated and organized between 1987 and 2006, but information dates from 1880 to 2006. The contents in each file varies, but most include survey forms, newspaper clippings, and information reproduced from other published sources. The collection also includes a database that can be searched on 32 different fields and includes references to the repositories throughout the state where company records can be found. The database includes the company name, location (city and county), incorporation date, names of founders, Standard Industrial Classification codes (as determined by the initial study coordinators), and any other names or the names of parent/subsidiary companies associated with the company.
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13) Title: Vertical File Collection, circa 1907-circa 2003
Quantity: 2.4 cubic ft. (6 boxes)
Call Number: Vertical File
Abstract: The vertical file collection consists of miscellaneous publications, brochures, news clippings, and items of an ephemeral nature. The collection contains local community histories and historical information about the UWM Libraries' Archives' five-county region (Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Washington, and Waukesha Counties), including information about individuals and organizations, as well as some materials of a broader statewide nature; information about UWM and UWM predecessor institutions, buildings, and associated individuals; and research aids, such as how to conduct house history research, and other information and resources.
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14) Title: Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council: The Impact of Her Spirit Oral History Project, 1983-1989
Creator: Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council
Quantity: 3.4 c.f. (13 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.8 c.f., 0.6 c.f of photographs and transparencies, and 173 tape recordings
Call Number: Eau Claire Mss BR; Green Bay Mss 123; La Crosse Mss BS; Milwaukee Mss 129; Northland Mss K; Oshkosh Mss CD; Parkside Mss 73; Platteville Mss AS; River Falls Mss DZ; Stevens Point Mss AW; Stout Mss 17; Superior Mss Q; Whitewater Mss BN; Audio 1528A; M90-325
Abstract: An oral history project undertaken by members of the Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council (WEHC) as a celebration of the organization's 50th anniversary, focusing on the life stories of Wisconsin homemakers and on the influence of the WEHC in their lives. Included are tape-recorded interviews, transcripts, a published guide to the project, a copy of Taste Wisconsin History (a cookbook derived from the project), photographs, a copy of a slide/tape show with accompanying script, publicity materials, and discussion guide; and a script for a play based on the oral histories.
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15) Title: Charles E. Broughton Papers, 1916-1953
Creator: Broughton, Charles E., 1873-1956
Quantity: 8.0 c.f. (15 archives boxes and 14 volumes) and 309 photographs (2 binders and 3 folders)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss BA; PH 1633; PH 1640; PH 1736; PH 1737
Abstract: Papers of Charles Broughton, an editor of the Sheboygan Press (Wis.). Most of the materials pertain to Broughton's other activities as member of the Wisconsin Democratic party, philanthropist, anti-prohibitionist, fund raiser, conservationist, champion of the Wisconsin cheese industry, and patron of state and local history. Some of the correspondence deals with the management of the newspaper. Due to his newspaper work and broad range of activities, Broughton exchanged letters with many people of state and national importance. Also of interest is correspondence from a number of servicemen during World War II, sent to Broughton for inclusion in the newspaper.
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16) Title: Louis H. Prange Papers, 1952-1957
Creator: Prange, Louis H., 1884-1957
Quantity: 0.6 c.f. (2 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss EI
Abstract: Papers of Prange, a Republican State Senator from Sheboygan Falls, Wis., consisting of constituent correspondence and press clippings. The press clippings document his election campaigns and his introduction of a bill to protect Wisconsin against subversive activities.
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17) Title: Fairview Cheese Factory Records, 1908, 1916-1949
Creator: Fairview Cheese Factory (Cedar Grove, Wis.)
Quantity: 1.2 c.f. (3 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss ET
Abstract: Records of a Cedar Grove, Wisconsin cheese factory operated by Ernest H. Fisher, including production and sales records for cream, butter, and cheese; payroll ledgers which also contain accounts with area dairy farmers; personal and corporate tax returns; and miscellaneous records.
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18) Title: Calvin J. Potter Papers, 1979-1998
Creator: Potter, Calvin J.
Quantity: 2.2 c.f. (6 archives boxes)
Call Number: Milwaukee Mss 174
Abstract: Political papers of Calvin Potter, a member of the Democratic Party, mainly reflecting his years as a representative of Wisconsin's 9th Senate district (Sheboygan, Calumet, and Manitowoc counties) from 1990 to 1998, but also including material from his tenure in the State Assembly (59th district, Sheboygan Co.) from 1974 to 1988. The papers consist of biographical information, newsletters, press releases, speeches, and subject files which focus on legislation with which he was closely involved. Topics include credit unions, school mascots and Native American stereotypes, juvenile justice, “light” butter, pornography, DNA testing, tattoo legislation, and various police related issues, among others. The collection also includes a diary and correspondence from a 1986 trip to Japan funded through the Japan/United States Friendship Commission to study the Japanese education system.
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