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Satan came to Eden


Strauch, Dora; Brockmann, Walter
Satan came to Eden
New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1936
xii p., 1 l., 274 p. plates, ports., maps. 23 cm.

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-[i]

[Title page], pp. [iii]-[v] ff.

Contents, pp. vii-viii

List of illustrations, pp. ix ff.

Foreword, McDonald, E. F., Jr. pp. xi-xii

Satan came to Eden

Chapter I: The end of one life, pp. 1-17

Chapter II: The new life begins, pp. 18-33

Chapter III: We find our Eden, pp. 34-49

Chapter IV: Difficulties, pp. 50-60

Chapter V: Hugo, pp. 61-73

Chapter VI: Marauders, pp. 74-83

Chapter VII: Mizpah, pp. 84-91

Chapter VIII: Many annoyances, pp. 92-99

Chapter IX: The would-be's, pp. 100-108

Chapter X: The end of Captain Bruuns, pp. 109-117

Chapter XI: Burro, the new house and certain intrusions, pp. 118-128

Chapter XII: Tug of war, pp. 129-135

Chapter XIII: We gain a friend and fail to defeat an enemy, pp. 136-142

Chapter XIV: Shadows before, pp. 143-150

Chapter XV: The "Baroness", pp. 151-158

Chapter XVI: The Baroness takes possession, pp. 159-168

Chapter XVII: The Baroness wins me round, pp. 169-180

Chapter XVIII: A suspicious event and a showdown, pp. 181-194

Chapter XIX: The Baroness is disappointed, pp. 195-203

Chapter XX: The stage is set, pp. 204-210

Chapter XXI: Hit and miss, pp. 211-227

Chapter XXII: Deposed, pp. 228-237

Chapter XXIII: Death in daylight, pp. 238-246

Chapter XXIV: Clues, pp. 247-257

Chapter XXV: All is over, pp. 258-[270]

Postscript, pp. 271-274 ff.


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