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Fischer, Joan (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 51, Number 3 (Summer 2005)

Poetry,   pp. 22-28

Page 25

The Fight 
Memory, irreverent, won't duck 
what I duck-the blow 
one night that knocked 
me to the ground, the low 
roar topped by my howl: 
fourteen and a stupid fight 
over a stray dog shot. I fell 
and would not rise, spite 
the barbed wire of my body 
while pity for the still form 
split us like an axe: already 
his shoulders hunched around the shame, 
his face a blackout. That 
was not my father, the long stride 
to where I lolled theatric 
longed to kick me up and back, pride 
the neck of the dog snapped 
where the bullet hit. He kicked 
a chair instead and slammed out. 
Left me sobbing, sprawled and wrecked 
in the kitchen corner where the clock 
ticked like a heart above me doomed 
to slow and stop. What 
I didn't know: the spot that bloomed 
bright and pink on the dog's back, 
the bruise that swelled my left cheek- 
both were forms of love, a dark lack 
I was born to heal or slake. 
Later his barn boots filled the house, a clumping 
back and forth as he smoked and paced. 
I lay still in bed, my heart thumping. 
I coughed. He paused. Our pulses raced. 
by Amy Jo Minett 
Trout Rising 
in Pisces 
You read the horoscope in 
The car while I drive 
Past the river and wonder 
About trout 
You place more faith in 
The stars than I do in 
God on a good day 
Maybe love, money and fame 
Can be deciphered in 
Small daily increments the way 
Fishing can be measured in the 
Number of dawns 
I find myself 
Waist deep in the river. 
by Jeff Copenhagen 
Jeff Copenhagen lives in Washburn. He works as a 
licensed practical nurse focusing on home health care. 
He has published poetry in the American Journal of 
Nursing, the North Coast Review, and Lake 
Superior Sounder. 
Amy Jo Minett grew up on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin, near Viola. 
Her first poem was published in Dog World magazine (when she was 
12, and she was thrilled). Since then, she has published poems in 
Poetry Northwest, Poetry East, and the Jacaranda Review. She 
received her B.A. in English from UW-Madison, and her MFA. in poetry 
from the University of Virginia, and she is in the process of finishing her
Ph.D. in composition and TESOL at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 
She spent nine years teaching in Hungary and Romania, where she 
launched two creative writing journals for poets and fiction writers 
working in English as a foreign language. She currently teaches 
composition, literature, and creative writing at Madison Area 
Technical College. 

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