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Batt, James R. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Volume 20, Number 4 (Fall 1974)


   There is much discussion these days about the health
of the magazine business. Rising costs for printing, paper,
and postage threaten to crimp already struggling budgets
past their limits. And periodically, too, a major publica-
tion dies, adding to the rumors that the whole industry is
dying, a thing of the past.
  In the midst of this turmoil, the Wisconsin Academy
Review, with this issue, completes Volume 20. And now,
just as in 1954 when Volume 1 was published, we depend
heavily upon the generosity of many people to "make ends
meet. "
  For example, thirteen authors have contributed their
time and expertise to provide the manuscripts which are
found on these thirty-two pages. None of them has re-
ceived anything more than our hearty thanks and a few
copies of the magazine. The Escher Foundation kindly
waived the traditional reproduction rights fees for the two
M. C. Escher prints found on pages 2 and 5. And on pages
7, 9, and 11 are illustrations by Chris Sternberg, whose
services I am sure we will be requesting again.,
  Readers who have suggestions for stories they would like
to see included in the Review or manuscripts they would
like to have considered for publication should feel free to
contact me. With the continued support of Wisconsin
writers, artists, and readers, you can be assured that the
Wisconsin Academy Review is indeed alive and well.
                                         -Monica A. Jaehnig
                                            Managing Editor
            Executive Editor ...........
            Managing Editor ..........
            Contributing Editor .........
            Editorial Assistant..........
            Circulation Manager ........
YOUR MEMBERSHIP will encourage re-
search, discussion and publication in the
various areas of the sciences, arts and
letters for the benefit of all the citizens of
Academy members receive the annual
TRANSACTIONS, the REVIEW, and perio-
dic monographs offering profiles on special
subjects; and have the opportunity to parti-
cipate by submitting articles or papers to
these publications and by delivering papers
at the Academy meetings.
. .... . James R. Batt
... Monica A. Jaehnig
........ Arthur Hove
.. ......Marie  Cobb
. .......Nancy Ortiz
Active .
Sustaining.. .
Student .
Life .... ... $
Patron ......
Library ......
Institutional.. .
.......  $10.00
  $15.00 or more
........ $1.00
200.00 to $499.00
$500.00 or more
,...... $6.00
$100.00 or more
Member, Educational Press Association of America
Member, American Association for Advancement of Science.
The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and
Letters was chartered by the State Legislature
on March 16, 1870 as an incorporated society
serving the people of the State of Wisconsin by
encouraging investigation and dissemination of
knowledge in the sciences, arts and letters.
                    ACADEMY COUNCIL
                        Robert P. Hanson
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                      Elizabeth F. McCoy
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                       VICE PRESIDENTS
                     C.LR. Holf (Sciences)
           U.S. Geological Survey, Madison
       Willis C. and Lillian S. Leenhouts (Arts)
                     Edna Meudt (Letters)
                      H. Clifton Hutchins
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                     Henry C. Ahrnsbrak
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                          Jack A. Clarke
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                           James R. Batt
                  WASAL Office, Madison
                              LeRoy Lee
                   WASAL Office, Madison
       Elizabeth F. McCoy (TRANSACTIONS)
           University of Wisconsin, Madison
                   James R. Batt (Review)
                   WASAL Office, Madison
  Henry A. Sch
    Otto L. Koa
Katherine G. N
  Ralph N. Buc
  Joseph G.
  Stephen F. Dc
     Robert J.
   Henry A. N
        Carl I
(Presently serving on Council)
iuette     J. Martin Klotsche
Nwalke        Aaron J. Ihde
elson        Walter E. Scott
:kstaff    John W. Thomson
Baier     Adolph A. Suppan
arling     William B. Sarles
Dicke     Norman C. Olson
Meyer     F. Chandler Young
Nelty        Louis W. Busse
         Richard W. E. Perrin
Published quarterly by the Wisconsin Academy
of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1922 University
Avenue, Madison, Wi. 53705. Subscription
price is $4 a year in U.S. and Canada;
elsewhere $5 a year. Single copies $1 each.
Copyrightf©1974 by The Wisconsin Academy
of Sciences, Arts and Letters.
Statements made by contributors to the WIS-
sarily reflect the views or official policy of the
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and
Correspondence related to the REVIEW or
other Academy publications (change of ad-
dress, single copy orders, undelivered copies,
Academy membership) should be sent to the
W.A.S.A.L Office listed above.
Second class postage paid at Madison, Wi.
The date of this issue is September, 1974.

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