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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

Mishicot,   pp. 154-168 PDF (6.5 MB)

Page 168

town clerk's report to the county superintendent. After the two term school
was given up about 1874, the yearly attendance averaged between 50 and 70
During the early 1900's, there were from 35 to 50 children attending. The
present en-
rollment averages about 25. There are about as many families residing in
the district
but fewer children in a family, older residents, and high school attendance
by those
over fourteen years of age has decreased the enrollment.
    The 1859 Mishicot assessment roll lists these as settlers or land owners
in the
district: Christ Nagel, H.Kracht, Mathias Gloida, John Mach, John and Jos.
Jos. and Wenzel Bardosh, Paul and Wm, Krueger, Geo. Eggert, Andrew Smith,
nand Dankier, Hy. Burmeister, Wm. Fink, Heinrich Wolf, Albert Voight, Etieme
Miret, Hosea Allen, and Christ Bean. The Benesch, Yences, Jockam, Schroeder,
Hanek, and Voelker families were later residents. Edward Kracht was the first
from the district to get a common school diploma. He is now the principal
of Eagle
River high school. This is the home district of town chairman, Anton Skubal,
was also a school board member for many years. The former pupils of this
have become prosperous and successful in their work.
    As records for the early years of this school are destroyed, it is possible
to list
only the names of those school officers remembered by older residents and
by using
the incomplete office records. It is reported that Charles Yences, John Voelker,
Frank Shebesta were on the first school board. The county records show that
following served as school clerk from 1872 to 1906: Henry Wolf 1872-74; John
briel 1874-70; A. Lyon 1877; Henry Engelland 1878-80; Jos. Skubal 1894-98;
and Win.
Engellarnd 1904-05.
    The early teachers boarded around at the homes of the nearest families
pupils in school. Some of them who lived in nearby communities walked to
and from
school each day. Summer and winter terms of school were held up to 1875.
names recorde4 in the superintendents' books were: 1872(S) Catherine Stitt;
Kate E. Robinson; 1873(W) Ernest'Pries; 1874(S) Mary Ross; 1874(W) Samuel
1880 Win. Ross; 1894-5 Casper Ploeckelman; 1896 W. Tomek; 1897 Lloyd Brown;
1898 Emma Eggert; 1904 Jos. Murdrock; and 1905 Edw. Gerl. It is reported
that P. M.
Simms taught this school in 1884 Two others who taught here at some time
Louis Levenhagen and Katie Sechrist. Those after that date are listed in
the county
school annuals. Isaac Craite, the teacher in 1878-9, became a well-known
jurist in
Manitowoc. Jos. Murdrock became a doctor and now practices at Columbus, Wis-
    Mishicot district No. 7 has always been a farming community. Francis
built a blacksmith shop in 1855 at the crossroad at which the school is located.
the foundation remains. A cheese factory, a short distance south of the corner,
built by Henry Engelland. This factory is still in use today. Maack's tavern,
torn down, was located 1½ miles north of the school site. A Lutheran
church was
situated at the same place, but that too was torn down in 1918 and a new
built at Two Creeks. The Indians used the land on the present Oscar Stueck
for their camping grounds.

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