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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

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Page 65

Loved the building to St. Nazianz and remodeled it into a bakery shop. It
is located
cross the road to the south of the Opera House.
ne enrollment records ot the town clerk to the county superintendent show
pils attended in 1870. The highest enrollment occurred in 1880 when 47 pupils
Led. This school never had a large enrollment. The average up to 1906 was
30 each year. The greater number of the district children attended the paro-
school at St. Nazianz. In 1939, it was voted to close the school and transport
school pupils to nearby operating districts. In 1946, when the building was
the district was still transporting fewer than 10 pupils to public schools.
liest school officers on record were D. O'Shea, P. O'Shea, John Tollefson,
tel, Clarence- Reisterer, and Math. Ruplinger. Most of the records of the
unsigned and some yearly records missing. That fact makes it impossible
names of the school officers for all of the years since records were kept,
ntendents' records list these men as having served from 1872 to 1906:
er, Frank Gerhard, James Cook, Chas. Schnell, and W. H. Karstaedt. John
'ho died in 1946, held office for a record of 45 years.
!ronin is listed as the first teacher in 1862. She taught for 3 months at
ith. The records often do not state the name of the teacher, but just slate:
eacher $_..... Evidently, the teacher's board was paidby the district for
ations like this in the expenditures: "Paid -Mrs. O'Shea for boarding
'. Such an expense was recorded as late as 1890 when P. O'Shea was paid
eacher's board. Although summer and winter sessions were never held,
d that a German teacher was hired in 1893 at a total salary of $30. The
ames obtainable from records were: Mary Galloghy 1863; Chas. Conway
hie Heiskins 1866-7; P. O'Shea 1870-3; Mary Cody 1874-6; Theo. Ward
Cleary 1878; Julia Sullivan 1879-80; Nora Morris 1881. Katie Fardy 1882;
ly 1883; Louis Jerman 1884; Phebe Rickaby 1885-6; Maggie Crowe 1887;.
s 1888-9; Katie Clark 1890; Maggie Garey 1892-3; Katie Clark 1894; Katie
; Eugene McCarthy 1898; Estella Niles 1899-1902; Agnes Conway 1903-05.
ýrs were much preferred!
oia scnool recoras of 18o6 to 180u nave many interesting entries. It reveals
that among the tax receipts were "tax certificates". Fees for someone
rly. These fees were usually in the amount of $5 per year. For years this
to James Cook, but for what purpose is unknown. By the latter 1890's, we
someone was paid $2 yearly to take the school census. Quite often a district
was paid a small sum for clearing up some "trubl" in school or
in carrying
I affairs. In 1897, the sum of $2 was spent for "picnic refreshments".
enditures for cleaning the school and water closets were listed. Only for
1872 to 1875 are the records written in German - a good indication that a
of nationalities lived in the district. Today the community is predominantly
sale of all of the school property has taken away a central meeting place
business purposes. Annual school meetings are now held in the neighboring
actory or in private homes. No doubt the time will soon come when the dis-
1 be disbanded and the area attached to operating school districts.
rliy sIers uo Lthe uisLrict in 1o8v were: rFelx tieiterle, john Salverson,
I D. O'Shea, Ole Olson, John Nielson, and Knud Tostenson, Others who are
ioned in the district records were John and Ole Tollefson, Wm. Schnell, Gerhardt
ngs, Xavier Geiser, Jos. Holzer, James Cook, M. Ruplinger, and Jos. Brunmeier.

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